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    Off duty cop shoots attacker

    Crazed Man Stabs Two on East Side, Shot by Police

    Associated Press
    October 6, 2007 posted 3:18 pm EDT

    A shirtless maniac armed with a fistful of long-handled kitchen knives savagely stabbed an elderly dog-walker and a restaurant worker Saturday during a random Manhattan rampage that ended when an off-duty police officer shot the attacker from point-blank range.

    The crazed assailant repeatedly stabbed the 67-year-old woman as she walked her black Scottish terrier through the typically quiet East Side neighborhood, plunging the knives into her arms, face, neck, and abdomen, a deputy police chief, Michael Collins, said.

    Witnesses described the attacker, a lanky 38-year-old man, repeatedly raising his hands above his head as though swinging a club at the helpless victim, her dog still tethered to her wrist by a leash. The woman, a neighborhood resident, was rushed into surgery at Bellevue Hospital.

    "It was crazy," a nearby resident, Isi Harrison, 23, said. "I was right next to her. And then they shot the guy."

    The bizarre episode left behind a trail of blood and stunned bystanders, including parishioners at an Armenian cathedral across Second Avenue. The elderly woman's cane was lying in the intersection at East 35th Street, along with a pile of bloody towels and rubber gloves abandoned by EMTs and local store owners who rushed to her aid.

    The stabbing spree started around 10:35 a.m. after the suspect argued with someone inside a nearby Second Avenue store. The irate man bolted the shop and headed north, walking into a barbecue joint and demanding to use the bathroom, Mr. Collins said.

    Before anyone could respond, the man was inside the kitchen grabbing at knives and slashing one worker, Mr. Collins said. The wounded employee, his shirt covered in blood, staggered down Second Avenue with a gash to his face as the knife-wielding man approached a crowd standing outside the adjoining Gemini Diner.

    The man, without a shirt and "acting like a maniac," attacked the elderly woman for no apparent reason as bystanders and passing drivers gaped in horror, Mr. Collins said. The attacker knocked the woman down with a running tackle, a witness, Patrick Rizzo, said.

    "He swung a knife right into the back of her neck, not stabbing but chopping like a sword," Mr. Rizzo said. Another witness said the man, his demeanor "intense," never said a word before targeting the woman.

    Inside the diner, an off-duty police officer saw the mayhem and came outside to confront the suspect. The six-year veteran identified himself, and fired a single shot when the suspect responded by rising up and waving the knives, Mr. Collins said.

    Even with the gunshot wound to his torso, it took five police officers to subdue the suspect, witnesses said. Police recovered four knives from the scene, Mr. Collins said.

    The suspect and the wounded restaurant worker were also taken to Bellevue, where officials had no word on their conditions.

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    What the hell do you mean, "The officer fired one shot". Where is his training, where are his perceptions of danger to himself and others and where is his conviction that the armed and dangerous suspect MUST be incapacitated with speed and finality?

    Did I miss something in this report?

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    Reading between the lines, he made a center mass hit.

    Too bad it wasn't more than one.

    This question is coming up in training circles now with the movement away from firing a "standard response" and the inclusion of shoot down drills and the second sight concept.

    I'm curious how the officer was trained, and by whom.
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    Doesn't the NYPD teach fire three - two to the torso and one to the head? That is the effective manner to put down this type of aggression and save the taxpayers dollars!

    Also, this is another demonstration of the need for off duty carry.

    Good shoot and I hope the citizens who received injuries recover soon.
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    The perp was hit with a gut shot. Quite possibly he went down on the first shot and revived when back-up made the scene. The "two to the body...one to the head" training quote came out after the sean bell shooting....that is a part of firearms training in many NYC metro area agencies as is the corollary "two to the head...one to chest"....they are body armor drills.

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    The only shooting I was in the perp charged me with a knife. my first move was to hit him in the chest with my left hand holding my streamlight SL-20 as I was backpeadaling for room. That staggered him but didn't stop him. as he kept charging I drew, shortstopping my weapon at my hip with the triggerguard against my shirt, fired one 110gr 38spl+p+ hitting him in the upper chest. I was starting to pull on round 2 when I saw him stumble on his own feet and go down. I kicked the knife away and as he was in the felony prone I cuffed him and called for ambulance & Sgt. when the cover got there they took the cuffs of the body. The slug went through the heart into the lower lobe of the lung and stopped just before coming out his back. He had been huffing prior to being shot & had just raped and sodomized a 56 year old lady in her apt.

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