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    Shooting at LETC ruled accidental

    By Sarah Schulz
    sarah.schulz@theindependent.co m

    A shooting at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center has officially been ruled accidental but has prompted a review of the Grand Island Police Department's protocols and policies.
    An officer was shot Tuesday afternoon following a training session on the LETC's firing range, said Grand Island police Capt. Robert Falldorf.
    One officer was cleaning a .45 caliber handgun when the weapon discharged. The bullet struck a stainless steel table, which is used as a stand for cleaning guns, before striking the other officer, Falldorf said.
    The injured officer was hit in the ribs on the side of his chest. He was treated and released from St. Francis Medical Center Tuesday, Police Chief Steve Lamken said previously.
    Falldorf said the names of the officers will not be released by the department.
    Both officers have taken time off of work, he said.
    Falldorf said he didn't know whether the magazine had been removed from the handgun prior to the cleaning. He added that the gun discharged but didn't malfunction.
    The injured officer wasn't wearing a protective vest at the time of the accident. Falldorf said vests aren't required by the department for officers who are on duty or who are attending training at the LETC. The officers have to purchase their own vests and the department doesn't have a policy requiring the use of one, he said.
    Tuesday's training session was for firearms recertification, which must be done once a year. Falldorf said officers typically undergo firearms training at least twice a year.
    The training was being led by Sgt. Steve Rathman, who is a range instructor for the Police Department, Falldorf said. As a result of the accidental shooting, the department will be looking at its general safety policies regarding guns. It has been some time since the policies have been reviewed and Falldorf said it was time to see if updates are needed.

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    Whew, that was a close one! Hope the officers are faring well.

    Accidental discharges with semi-autos is common place with agencies.

    The officers need to open the slide and keep it open when finished shooting and not close it until the weapon has been cleaned and BEFORE reloading.

    When I was range supervisor I made certain NO ONE walked off of the range with a magazine in and the slide closed.
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    Amen to that. I did the same thing when I was Ramgemaster.

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    I cranked off a round from my 1911 once while showing a rookie something.....fortunately, the gun was pointed downrange but I don't ever remember being so suprised or EMBARRASED!

    Very glad the officers are going to be fine....except for the brown stain in their uniform shorts!

    Car 4
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    I think things like that happen more than one likes to admit. At the academy that I went to they showed us two holes in the walls from rounds.

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    When I was in we had a guy on the line shoot a hole through a sweatshirt he was WEARING while shooting from the hip. The hole was about 1 1/2 inches from his gut.

    The year before I went to school, a college a few hours away had a guy holster his gun with his finger STILL ON THE TRIGGER.

    His finger got lodged between the trigger guard and holster, causing his finger to pull the trigger, firing a round through his thigh, knee, and out his calf.
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    First thing I thought of when I read this was:


    Trooper Mark Paul Wagner
    Nebraska State Patrol

    End of Watch: Thursday, March 4, 1999
    Biographical Info
    Age: 37
    Tour of Duty: 11 years
    Badge Number: 168
    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Gunfire (Accidental)
    Date of Incident: Thursday, March 4, 1999
    Weapon Used: Officer's handgun
    Suspect Info: Not available

    Trooper Wagner was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow officer during a defensive tactics training exercise at the State Patrol headquarters in North Platte, Nebraska. Trooper Wagner and other officers were conducting the training in a classroom when the .45 caliber Glock handgun discharged and struck him in the chest. The handgun was reloaded during a break in training because the officer was not aware it would be used later in the day. Trooper Wagner was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1500 hours. He had been with the agency for 11 years and is survived by his wife, two daughters, and a step daughter.

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    Reminds me of four years ago when I bought my first gun, a 1911, off a retired LEO. I needed it for the academy and he's showing me how to rack the slide, remove the mag, work the thumb safety, etc. along with commenting how light the trigger pull is. He replaced the loaded mag, racked the slide and removed the mag again. He forgot there was now one in the chamber and pulled the trigger. Needless to say there was a loud boom, and we both fell on the couch. There is a hole in his baseboard near the back door of the kitchen. I didn't hear right for two days. The morale of this story is always be careful and pay attention to what you're doing.

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    Oregon had a deputy killed a few years ago in a SWAT training accident. They were supposed to be using simunitions, but a live round got in there somehow.
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