This story was just above the story of the Aussie Officer...........
Long Beach Cop Who Ran Through Town Nude, Headbutting Cars, Pleads Not Guilty - Jermaine Marcus Walton

Think this guy was under the influence of . . . something? The story doesn't say, but just read what this "officer of the law" is accused of doing. Wonder why we don't have video of this one! Here's more from CBS 2:

A county probation officer who allegedly ran nude down a Long Beach street, heat-butting cars and resisting arrest, pleaded not guilty on Friday to vandalism and assault on a peace officer.
Jermaine Marcus Walton, 31, was arrested Sept. 19 for allegedly running down Santa Fe Avenue in the buff and striking several vehicles headfirst.

When police arrived, he allegedly refused commands to stop and assaulted a detective, according to the District Attorney's Office.
He was released from jail the following day.
Walton was charged on Thursday with felony assault on a peace officer, resisting an officer and vandalism with more than $400 damage.

He also is charged with two misdemeanor counts of vandalism with less than $400 damage.