SEATTLE -- King County prosecutors on Wednesday filed rape, kidnapping and murder charges against a man they say killed a 15-year-old Seattle girl in 1978. Sara Beth Lundquist was found stabbed to death inside a bathroom at a tire shop in North Seattle after her mother reported her missing.

Detectives chased many leads, but never had any suspects at the time.

In 2005, Seattle Police Detective Michael Ciesynski, reviewed the case and submitted DNA samples taken from the crime scene to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.
According to a statement of probable cause filed with the charges, the DNA was a match for 62-year-old Clarence E. Williams.

Williams is already serving a life sentence for the kidnapping and murder of Laura Ann Baylis, who was killed 2 months after Lundquist.

When detectives interviewed Williams in jail, court documents say he responded, "You're asking me to remember something that happened 30 years ago."

Confronted with the report matching his DNA to evidence from the murder scene, Williams allegedly shrugged and said, "What can I say?"

In an interview with our newspaper partner, the Seattle P-I, Ciesynski said he wants to make sure Williams doesn't kill anyone else, because he could have a chance for parole.

"Here are two girls who were killed in a similar way, two months apart. They were similar in appearance. Both were abducted," he said. "It's my personal belief that a serial murderer will not just stop because he's 60 years old. Once he's released, he'll do it again."

Williams is scheduled to be arraigned November 7.

Nice catch for SPD!