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    Burglar-in-a-box cut glass to break into stores

    Coming soon to an episode of CSI. Of course they'll catch them with X-ray vision.

    Burglar-in-a-box cut glass to break into stores
    Big cardboard carton shielded thief from view while partner lurked nearby as lookout, police say

    Wearing dark clothes and balaclavas, the enterprising duo would arrive late at night at a business, usually a fast food outlet or small diner, armed with tools to cut glass and a large cardboard box.

    Then they'd assume their positions. One acted as lookout, standing or crouching nearby with an earpiece inserted and radio in hand. The other set the box down next to the front door, climbed inside, and went to work. "From the street, a police car or a citizen driving by would not see someone actually working on a door trying to get in a premises," said Det. Sgt. Reuben Stroble of 11 Division, one of the city's smaller police stations, on Mavety St. in the High Park area.

    Within minutes the boxed-in burglar had pried open the glass from the door and slithered in, wearing protective gloves to avoid being cut. Various methods were used to bypass the alarm system. In some cases, they didn't go off because the trigger was left intact on the doors. Stroble refused to divulge their other techniques.

    At a time when police officers can give the impression they've seen it all, there seemed an element of grudging respect at yesterday's news conference. On display was a collection of tools police say were used.

    "Their method of operation was the same. Glass was removed, which was very unique we don't see this very often," Stroble said. "These individuals were well organized. They planned and executed each one."

    A number of the establishments had surveillance "clearly illustrating their point of entry and the methods in which they used."

    Over a nine-month period starting in November 2006, the pair made off with about $250,000 from some 200 businesses, mainly fast-food franchises across the GTA. About 180 were in Toronto; the rest in Peel, York, Halton and Waterloo Region. If they came across a laptop they would also take it. Cops recovered "quite a bit" of stolen property, said Stroble.

    Police in 11 Division began noticing an increase in break and enters of commercial premises in the area last spring. By May, they launched Project Glide, named for the burglars' technique of gliding through the windowless door. It quickly turned into a multi-jurisdictional investigation once a similar "signature" was identified elsewhere.

    By September, police were ready to close in. But a sharp-eyed citizen spotted two figures lurking outside a Taco Bell on Markham Rd. a few days before and called police. Three people were charged Sept. 1 which is when the uniform officers realized just whom they'd nabbed, explained Staff Insp. Brody Smollet. One of the suspects had worked at a glass company, he added.

    Gordon Michael Edwards, 27, and Jason Richard Phillips, 25, both of Toronto, face more than 350 charges. Donna Hofscheier, 23, the girlfriend of one of the two suspects, was charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and break-and-enter. They appeared in court earlier this week and remain in custody.


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    Well, it worked for a little while! Cannot say that the crooks are not ingenious, just stupid!
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    You can only use a M.O. so many times before the cops catch on. But 200 is a bit stretching.

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    Sorry, but if I made a quarter-mil in burglaries, I think I would have quit while I was ahead.

    Stupidity is what gets 99% of criminals caught. I'd chalk the other 1% up to greed.
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