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    Drunk Speeding dad turned in by daughter

    "Dad, you don't need to be driving drunk...cut it out! Stop!"

    A ride reached triple-digit speeds Saturday night in Santa Fe County with an alleged drunk driver behind the wheel. His passengers made a desperate call to 911.

    "Dad slow down, you're driving 90, Dad slow down, Dad pull over!"

    Authorities said Robert Montoya, 52, was drunk behind the wheel with three teenage girls trapped inside, two of them his daughters. One of the daughters made the frantic call to 911 as she attempted to get her dad to pull over. Dispatchers described the girls as being very frightened.

    Caller(crying): "Dad!" Male Voice: "You guys are the ones that got me going this way." Caller: "We didn't have any....drinking and speeding, Dad, pull over!"

    The car was heading north on Highway 41 toward the small town of Galisteo, but as the girls pled with Montoya to stop, he only went faster.

    Operator: "Tell him to pull over." Caller: "I'm trying, he's like going 100 now." Operator: "Going 100? Ok, are you guys belted in? OK, make sure you have your seat belts on, OK?"

    The ride finally ended in Galisteo where police took Montoya into custody and found out he'd been in trouble with the law before.

    "Mr. Montoya has five previous DWI arrests," Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano said.

    Solano said Montoya admitted to drinking a six-pack of beer while waiting for the girls at a pumpkin patch. A closed can of beer was found in the vehicle. Solano said officers could not complete a sobriety test on Montoya because he could not stand without possibly falling down.

    Montoya is charged with one count of DWI and three counts of abandonment or abuse of a child.

    But with his own daughters turning him in, this time authorities hope Montoya will remember what's important.

    "They did the right thing, and hopefully they made a difference in their father's life and hopefully their father will live on to be a father in the future," Solano said.
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    Sounds like a candidate for father of the year.
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    Good girl.
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    Unfortunatly he will probably kick the shit out of them when he gets out because they ratted on him. I hope not though.

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