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    Officer choked in jail escape attempt

    Officer choked in jail escape attempt

    YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- A female detention officer at the York County Detention Center says an inmate grabbed her from behind when she was doing her rounds, began choking her and threw her to the ground in a strangle hold.
    Capt. James Arwood describes how it happened saying, “She passed one of the inmates bunks, he asked if he could get a drink of water and she said, ‘Sure.’”
    It was the overnight shift at the prison and the 26-year-old female detention officer was working in the minimum security housing unit Sunday.

    Michael Boyd Edwards

    “The next thing she heard footsteps coming up behind her real fast and before she could turn around the inmate had choked her, grabbed her around the neck and dragged her to the ground,” Arwood said.
    Arwood believes 17-year-old Michael Boyd Edwards was trying to get the keys to make an escape, but his plan was foiled when other inmates jumped in to pull Edwards off the guard. “That does not surprise me, if you're a good officer, treat inmates fair, treat them with respect,” said Arwood.
    Edwards is doing time on burglary charges. He now faces two new charges -- attempted escape and assault on a corrections officer. The sentences will run consecutively. Also, Edwards was moved out the minimum security housing unit where Arwood says, “he could take a shower anytime he wanted to, use the telephone when he wanted to, watch television.”
    Now that Edwards is in the maximum security wing, “he'll be locked down 23 hours a day,” said Arwood.
    In his 15 years working at the Moss Justice Center, Arwood said incidents like this are rare.
    The officer was taken to urgent care, but she checked out fine. She does have some bruising around her neck. Arwood tells WCNC she hasn't missed any work after the attack.
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    Why move him the other inmates had it well in hand.

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