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    11 Tons of Cocaine Seized

    1st November 2007, 12:30 WST

    Mexican authorities seized more than 11 tones of cocaine in the western port of Manzanillo, and said it was one of the nation’s biggest drug busts ever.

    During a routine inspection, federal police and marines discovered a cargo container filled with packets of drug board the Hong Kong-flagged ship Esmeralda, which departed from Buenaventura, Coilumbia, the Mexican federal attorney general’s office said in a statement today.

    Authorities were still weighing the drugs but the statement said their weight had already surpassed 11 tons, making yesterday’s seizure “one of the greatest quantities f cocaine that has been decommissioned in the history of our country,” the statement said.

    On October 5, authorities said they seized about 10 tones of cocaine following a shootout in the northern city of Tampico. The street value of all the cocaine seized is somewhere over 1 billion dollars.

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    I bet there is a Columbian drug lord that is pretty pissed off right about now.
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    OH Yeah?

    They better get some DEA folks to be watching that stuff.....I worked with the Mexican "Authorities" when I was in the Narcs. No one in that country can be trusted around a pile like that. Any odds that it will soon be a 5 ton seizure?

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    thats some crazy haul :O



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