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    Thumbs up Dallas: Convicted Cop Killer Illegal Alien Sentenced To Death

    UPDATED: 5:38 pm CDT November 1, 2007

    DALLAS -- Juan Lizcano was sentenced to death on Thursday in the shooting death of Dallas police officer Brian Jackson, NBC 5 reported.


    A jury found Lizcano guilty three weeks ago.

    Lizcano's attorneys argued that he should serve only a life sentence, because of his low mental capacity.


    Juan Lizcano has been sentenced to death in the
    shooting death of Dallas police officer Brian Jackson, NBC 5 reports
    I'm lookig like this because I'm such a dumb MuFu
    I didn't want a suit for court.

    Officer Jackson was shot and killed in November of 2005 while responding to a domestic disturbance call at the home of Lizcano's former girlfriend.

    Joanne Jackson.
    Joanne said her husband was proud to wear his badge but knew that protecting others could cost him his life.

    "I think he always worried and always knew that in the back of his mind that he may not come home. But, I also think he was ready for that ... the possibility ... working in a big city ... I think he was ready for it," Joanne said.

    The officer's widow said family played an important role in her husband's short 28-year life.

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    too bad they can't hold an auction for who gets to press the button, all proceeds going to the Officer's family.

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    The real sad part is that he'll sit in prison for a few years, and then some Immigrant amnest outfit and the ACLU will fight to get him out, citing racial profiling or some other garbage to try to stop the whole thing. I wish they'd take him out tomorrow, have him kneel next to an unmarked grave, and shoot him like a dog.
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