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    Officer hit by car during arrest

    A female police officer was seriously hurt when she was hit by a car driven by a man she was trying to arrest.
    The detective constable, in her 30s, and from the West Midlands, suffered head injures in the incident in Hayes, west London, on Friday morning.

    She was arresting the man in Bath Road when the suspect fled by getting into a car, knocking the officer over as he drove off.
    The Metropolitan Police is treating the incident as attempted murder.
    Abandoned car
    The detective was attempting to arrest the man outside the Sheraton Hotel when she was injured, a police spokesman said.

    The suspect, who was wanted in connection with a fraud inquiry conducted by the West Midlands Police force, crashed into another vehicle after hitting the woman.
    He escaped in a blue Peugeot 207 which was later found abandoned in nearby Harlington Road.
    The officer is currently being treated in north London hospital for serious head injuries. A spokesman for West Midlands Police said the force was liaising with the Metropolitan Police over the incident.


    I'm guessing that as it's a fraud job they will know who this POS is and might send uniform to get.

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    Man arrested over officer crash

    A man has been arrested in Birmingham over the attempted murder of a police officer who was hit by a car driven by a man she was trying to arrest.
    Det Con Catherine Corbett, 39, of Solihull, suffered head injuries in the incident in Hayes, west London, and remains critical after having surgery.

    The West Midlands Police officer was trying to arrest the man when he drove off and knocked her over at 0800 GMT.
    Firearms officers arrested the 42-year-old man in Bordesley Green.
    A woman is also being questioned in connection with the incident. Det Con Corbett underwent surgery at Charing Cross Hospital on Friday afternoon and her family are with her at her bedside, West Midlands Police said. The hospital is a specialist for neurosurgery.

    Police said the officer had been in London for the past two days as part of a fraud investigation.
    She was other officers at the Sheraton Hotel, near Heathrow Airport, when the suspect, who was accompanied by a female, drove up to the entrance.
    The officers parked in front of and behind his car but he drove off, carrying two officers along on the bonnet for a short distance. As he reversed, the open passenger door hit Det Con Corbett, who was in plain clothes.

    He then crashed into a black Ford Focus, damaging its front bumper and bonnet, as he made his escape. Detectives said they had been hunting the man for about 12 months. A woman later presented herself to officers during the day and is being questioned

    Two other officers suffered minor injuries and shock and are being treated at Hillingdon Hospital, west London.
    Ervis Topalli, who works at a nearby car-wash, said one of the car's tyres was punctured in the collision.
    He said: "I didn't think anything of it at the time. I thought it was just a car wheel spinning.
    "But then I heard the noise of the brakes and the flap of the flat tyre and I wondered what was going on."
    The suspect escaped in a blue Peugeot 207, which was later found abandoned in nearby Harlington Road.
    Det Con Corbett, who has served with the West Midlands force for 18 years, is single and has no children.
    A West Midlands police spokeswoman said: "[Det Con Corbett] was with a team from West Midlands Police in Hayes to effect an arrest in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation." Det Con Corbett is a serving member of the economic crime team of the force.


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    Prayers enroute for a full and speedy recovery!

    A Smile

    A smile cost nothing, but gives so much.

    It enriches those who receive it,
    without making poorer those who give.
    It takes but a moment, but the memory
    of it sometimes lasts forever.

    None is so rich or mighty that he
    can get along without it,
    and none is so poor but that
    he can be made rich by it.

    A smile creates happiness in the home,
    fosters goodwill in business,
    and is the countersign of friendship.

    It brings rest to the weary,
    cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad,
    and it is nature's best antidote for trouble.

    Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed,
    or stolen, for it is something that is of no
    value to anyone until it is given away.

    Some people are too tired to give you a smile.
    Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile
    so much as he who has no more to give.

    - author unknown



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