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    Police shoot suspect while he reaches for sex toy

    Man nabbed after chase
    Police shoot suspect while he reaches for sex toy

    By Wes Woods II, Staff Writer

    UPLAND - In a bizarre incident that held up traffic on the westbound 210 Freeway for nearly three hours Thursday morning, police arrested a Claremont man who drew their fire by reaching into his waistband for what turned out to be a sex toy.

    "We find the oddest things on people. I have found that type of thing on people many times," Upland police Sgt. Cliff Mathews said of his 16-year career in law enforcement. "But related to an officer-involved shooting, no."

    Steven McDermott, 49, of Claremont was later arrested on suspicion grand theft auto, felony evading and using a semiautomatic gun to hold up Mustang Books for money, according to Upland police.

    The chain of events started at 5:06 a.m. when police received a call of an armed robbery at the adult bookstore on Central Avenue.

    When officers arrived, they learned a man had robbed the store at gunpoint, then left the scene in a taxi, which was spotted by police, according to police.

    The taxi driver did not know a robbery had occurred, and the cab driver exited the car with no injuries when police stopped the taxi.

    McDermott then moved into the driver's seat and drove off in the yellow cab with police in pursuit.

    McDermott left two crashes in his wake on the 210, neither resulting in serious injuries. In the first, two people in a the vehicle were taken to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for complaints of pain, Baldwin Park California Highway Patrol Officer Edmund Zorrilla said.

    The second collision occurred on the 210 at Fruit Street in La Verne.

    McDermott then got out of the taxi and ran up an embankment.

    When police caught up with McDermott, the suspect reached for his waistband, Mathews said. An officer shot at McDermott, who was not hurt and subsequently taken into custody.

    "The key here is ... he's allegedly committed an armed robbery with a handgun and reaching into his waistband, a place where people commonly carry handguns," Mathews said.

    "Had he been complying with officers and not reaching for his waistband, this wouldn't have happened."

    According to police, McDermott admitted he reached into his waistband in an effort to dispose of phallic sex toy, which police say he did not steal from the bookstore, Mathews said.

    "Evidently, he had it tethered to his belt loop for whatever reason," Mathews said.

    A gun was later found on the freeway, Mathews said.

    Mcdermott was booked at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

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    An officer shot at McDermott
    Ah man, actually shooting him in the ass or something would have made him have to tell and retell how it happened. Shame.

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