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    Angry Fatal Hit & Run/DUI Driver Had 2 Y/O Son in Car

    A Carlsbad woman accused of running over a pedestrian on a Vista off-ramp while driving home from work drunk -- with her toddler son in her car -- pleaded not guilty today to hit-and-run causing death and other charges.

    Jessica Lynn Hawk, 23, also faces charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and child endangerment in connection with the Nov. 9 crash that took the life of William Hansen.

    Hawk, who had worked all day at a bar in San Marcos, admitted having four drinks before she went home with her 2-year-old son, who'd been dropped off at her workplace, Deputy District Attorney Christine Trevino said.

    The 37-year-old victim was putting fuel into the gas tank of his car about four feet from the fog line of the ramp to Escondido Avenue when he was struck and killed by Hawk's car, Trevino said.

    "It was an extremely violent impact between the defendant and the victim," Trevino said. "The 2-year-old was showered with glass in the accident."

    The woman immediately fled, apparently tossing broken car parts from her window as she drove off, the prosecutor alleged.

    Investigators tracing her route followed the trail of car parts, many on the opposite side of the road from where they should have been, she said.

    The defendant ended up at her boyfriend's Oceanside residence. A neighbor who'd heard media accounts of the crash saw her heavily damaged car and called police, Trevino said.

    Defense attorney William Christoph said his client had no prior record. About 15 family members and friends appeared at the Vista Courthouse to support her.

    Christoph asked Judge Adrienne Orfield to reduce bail from $400,000, but the figure ended up being increased to a half-million dollars at Trevino's request.

    "(Hawk) is an absolute danger to the public, as well as to her son," the prosecutor said.

    The defendant faces more than 10 years in state prison if convicted.
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    That poor kid, I only hope he got a better brain than his mother has.
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    Ducky, my guess would be probably not.

    I'm tellin you guys. My "Shot-n-Rot" idea for when I rule the world is looking better and better every single day I read the news.



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