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    Former Boston Police Officer blames his department for allowing him to work while taking drugs

    Former Boston police officer Robert "Kiko" Pulido says he was pumped full of steroids when he suggested to undercover agents in Atlantic City that he knew a good way to transport cocaine into Boston.
    And when he bragged about a nonexistent 51-year-old brother doing federal time after being caught with 300 kilos of cocaine. And when he told them his 74-year-old mother could detect an undercover narcotics agent.

    In a phone interview from a New Hampshire jail, Pulido acknowledged his role in one of the biggest police scandals in Boston history, a scheme to ship cocaine into the city. But as Pulido admitted guilt, he tried to salvage his reputation, saying that a steroid addiction made him exaggerate many of the statements that were caught on FBI surveillance tapes.
    Much of what was captured on the tapes, he said, was pure fantasy. In his mind at the time, he said, he was a stand-up police officer playing a role in a real-life Hollywood blockbuster. He said he even recited lines from "Training Day," a movie about a corrupt police officer, that were captured on the tapes.
    "Anyone that knows me knows that I was acting," Pulido said. "It was puffery."
    Pulido pleaded guilty Thursday, the fourth day of his trial in US District Court, to charges that he conspired to ship more than 5 kilograms of cocaine and 1 kilogram of heroin. He pleaded no contest to carrying a gun in a drug trafficking crime. The 10-year police veteran, who resigned from the force, now faces a prison sentence of 15 years to life when he is sentenced Feb. 6.
    His co-conspirators in the case, Nelson Carrasquillo and Carlos Pizarro, both former officers, have pleaded guilty.
    In the interview, Pulido's first public remarks since his arrest last year, he attempted to shift some of the blame for his crimes to his employer, the Boston Police Department. Pulido said he wished that Police Department officials had offered him substance-abuse treatment for steroids before he agreed to enlist the help of two fellow officers and guard a shipment of 140 kilograms of cocaine as part of the FBI sting.
    "They knew it was an addiction for me, but they continued to let me patrol the streets," he said. "They didn't offer us any help, any counseling."
    His soft voice during the interview differed considerably from the swaggering, expletive-spewing Pulido on the surveillance tapes played during his trial.
    Police officials strongly disputed his comments.
    "Roberto Pulido is a disgrace," department spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said. "He can make all the excuses he wants, but it's nonsense. We look forward to his sentencing and his subsequent lengthy imprisonment."
    Pulido received treatment in 1999, when he tested positive for cocaine, Driscoll said. She declined to say whether officials knew about subsequent drug use or why he did not receive treatment for steroids.

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    Typical shit head behavior,,, if you screw up blame someone else.... A dirty cop is worse than a regular criminal because he was trusted with more authority and was held to a higher standard.

    Pulido received treatment in 1999, when he tested positive for cocaine,
    On a side note, we had a guy here a number of years ago admit he tried cocaine at a party (he admits to only a few times total) and he went to the Department and asked for help with treatment. They immediately canned him.



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