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    Question Triple-murder suspect escapes & commits suicide, Chief gets called on the carpet for it

    So what;s the problem? Saved the cost of a trial

    Chief Says Errors Occurred During Arlington Standoff

    POSTED: 8:15 pm CST November 20, 2007

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- In a report to the Arlington ity Council, Police Chief Theron Bowman said errors occurred during the Oct. 12 standoff. It ended when Arthur Jackson drove around police vehicles, sped through town, drove into Lake Arlington and fatally shot himself.

    Jackson, 32, had parked in the driveway of a relative's home on Carter Street in Arlington after dropping off his blood-covered but unharmed 3-year-old daughter with a relative at a nearby church. He had killed his wife and two stepchildren in their Fort Worth home, authorities said.


    Bowman said he would not discuss some details of the standoff because it would reveal how the department's tactical teams operate. But he said there were unspecified limitations of the armored vehicle used to block Jackson's car and that some information was not relayed to the correct personnel.

    He said an internal investigation revealed that an officer on the scene noticed that the armored vehicle was not as close to Jackson's car as tactical officers believed. The commander wanted the front bumpers to touch to prevent him from escaping, but the driver stopped short when Jackson put a gun to his head and threatened suicide.

    Tactical officers, who could not see between the vehicles, believed the gap between the bumpers was only a foot. It was actually about 6 feet and got even wider when the heavy police vehicle inadvertently rolled back, Bowman said.

    Officers never prepared for a scenario where Jackson's car could move or where he could get around the barrier, Bowman told the council.

    Also, Bowman said that a gas team was missing a necessary element to fire tear gas into the car.

    The tactical unit's supervisor has been reassigned, but police officials would not say whether it was related to the standoff.

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    he SHOULD be called on the carpet.

    and given a medal for saving Texas taxpayers the money and expense of a trial and execution.

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    They got lucky....he killed himself.
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    Sounds like a cluster. I agree with Pdawg. That ended well purely by luck. That could have gotten real stupid.
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