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    Addison, TX Police Chief: "There is a Nationwide Police Shortage"


    By Minnie Payne

    Addison Police Chief Ron Davis

    ADDISON, TX — Ron Davis, 51-year-old Addison Police Chief, began his career with the Dallas Police Department in 1978, where he worked in patrol, traffic, support services, special operations, planning and research and the office of the police chief. He was promoted to sergeant in 1983 and to lieutenant in 1987.

    Davis grew up in the South Garland area and graduated from South Garland High School in 1974.

    “I attended Texas Tech University for three years, taking general studies, before joining the Dallas Police Department,” he said. “In 1990, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree from Amber University; in 1994, I received a Master’s in Police Administration from the University of North Texas.”

    Davis said that when he was a child he didn’t aspire to being a policeman.

    “When I was in college I knew some guys who worked for the local police department and listening to them talk, police work sounded like fun,” he said.

    According to Davis, he started his tenure with the Addison Police Department in 1990 as a captain where he served until 2000, when he was promoted to assistant chief. He became Chief of Police in 2006.

    “Two captains report to me and there are all total 82 employees, 48 of whom are sworn policemen,” he said.

    Because he earned his education in increments, he stresses the importance of schooling to his staff, he said.

    “Cadets are required to have 30 college hours before coming onboard, and we will probably go to a degree requirement,” he said. “The Town of Addison has a full tuition reimbursement program for all employees who enter a fully accredited state college university and maintains a grade “C,” or better.”
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    He said the degree doesn’t have to be related to criminology; in fact he encourages his staff to study a completely unrelated field.

    When a cadet starts training, it takes about a year from hire date for him to be completely useful, Davis said.

    “We send the new employee to a basic police academy, North Central Council of Governments in Arlington,” he said. “Once they graduate from there, they enter into field training where they work with a field training officer, which takes approximately six months.”

    The starting annual salary for a Town of Addison police cadet is $40,000 to $42,000, with excellent benefits, he said.

    “Actually, there’s a police shortage in the nation right now and police salaries are going to continue to go up,” he said.

    According to Davis, when a policeman is promoted, he goes through a multifaceted exam, which consists of a simulation test, a written exam over the law, an outside assessment process, plus their last three evaluations are taken into consideration.

    “I think the most rewarding thing of being police chief is finding and hiring new employees, both civilian and sworn officers, to start their careers with the Town of Addison,” he said. “In a way, it’s like having 82 children and seeing them succeed.”

    Deputy City Manager Lea Dunn said that Davis has been with the town for a number of years and has done an outstanding job.
    “We are pleased with the direction and the initiative that he has implemented for the police department,” she said. “He is a highly ethical, dedicated individual and we are really pleased that he is police chief.”

    Davis has been married to his wife, Lynn, for 27 years, and they have a daughter, Ginna, 26, and a son, Garrett, 25.

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    First of all, kudos for having a marriage last that long in this business. A rarity indeed.



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