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    LAPD Officer Christina Ripatti

    Officer Ripatti was shot and paralyzed last year. Her husband also a LAPD officer and her were featured on extreme homemake over a few months ago. She recently announced that she was pregnant with her second child due in March. The segment they did on the news was very touching after all that she and her partner and family have been through it is awesome to see something good come their way.

    Here is a press release from LAPD after she was shot, I will look for the current story...

    June 06, 2006

    Heroic Measures Save LAPD Officer's Life, Police face rash of Armed Assaults

    Los Angeles: I would like to recognize six officers and two Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics who kept Officer Kristina Ripatti alive last Saturday night after she was shot by an armed robber.
    "If it weren't for the immediate actions and professional training of these men, we would have lost Kristina that night." "Not only did they save the life of a fellow police officer, they saved the life of a mother, daughter and wife."
    Officer Ripatti, 33, was shot by James McNeal, unbeknownst to the officers, McNeal had just robbed a gas station. Her partner, Officer Joel Meyer, 35, immediately returned fire, killing McNeal. Within seconds of hearing Meyer's radio call, "Officer needs help. Officer Down," plainclothes Sergeant Robin Brown arrived and with Officer Meyer they worked frantically to control Kristina's bleeding.
    Nearby, four SWAT officers, Ralph Ward, Gary Koba, Gil Pinel, and Keith Bertonneau, all veteran officers had just completed a crime suppression detail and were at Southwest Police Station, two blocks from the shooting. Within one minute of the help call, the four officers, all Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) were at Officer Ripatti's side with their medical equipment.
    The four EMT-trained officers took over from Officer Meyer and Sergeant Brown. One bullet went through Ripatti's arm, and the second one entered her chest near the armpit, above her ballistic vest. "The officers' actions in aid of their comrade were nothing less than extraordinary."
    The decisive actions of the two Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics, Gerald Puga and Adrian Vasquez from Rescue Ambulance 34 must also be recognized. They along with Engine Company 34, led by Captain Christopher Grahek, and manned by Firefighter/EMTs Max Dino, Eddie Matamoros and Engineer Dae-Ho Moon, assisted in the rescue, and have the Department's sincerest gratitude.
    There is a significant uptrend of assaults on police officers where suspects fire upon officers, often completely unprovoked. Since January, 18 police officers have been shot at in 11 incidents, as compared to 6 such incidents for the same period last year, and 15 total for 2005.
    Updates on Officer Kristina Ripatti's condition will be posted as they become available.
    William J. Bratton
    Chief of Police

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    Officer Ripatti is an incredibly strong-willed woman. Since being shot, she has waged war on her paralysis, attacking therapy with a dogged determination that most mere mortals would have balked at. Read here:


    This should be a part of Virginian's thread. Never give up. Never.
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    Thanks for the link... I couldn't find one...

    She has an awesome spirit!

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    She has more balls than a lot of men I know. I Salute Her

    Great post, sad, but Great

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