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    Father hacked to death with machete

    Police chase ends 26 hours of violence

    Anchorage Daily News
    Published: December 3, 2007
    Last Modified: December 3, 2007 at 11:59 PM
    Christopher Erin Rogers Jr. says he hacked his father to death with a machete in Palmer, stole his dad's truck, fled to Anchorage and continued a 26-hour crime rampage that left two dead and four others injured because he was angry with his family, according to charges filed Monday.
    Christopher Erin Rogers Jr.

    After two killings Sunday, he kept hunting because he "just wanted to kill a few more people," he told police.
    The rampage came to an abrupt end Monday morning when Rogers, 28, carjacked an SUV and led police on a high-speed chase across Northern Lights Boulevard that ended with police ramming the SUV - a violent end to the violent binge.
    After his arrest, Rogers told police he was angry over his treatment by family members before the Palmer attack, but said the attacks in Anchorage were largely random, according to a police affidavit filed in court.
    He is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder in the first degree, though more charges, including injuring a police officer, are likely after a grand jury examine the case, Anchorage District Attorney Adrienne Bachman said.
    The mayhem began before sunup Sunday morning, according to court records.
    5:25 A.M. SUNDAY
    Christopher E. Rogers, 51, and his girlfriend, Elann Moren, 55, spent the day Saturday at home on Gunnysack Road in Palmer. Rogers' son, known as Erin, was with them. She and Rogers Sr. went to bed after dinner, she told police.
    When Moren awoke, Erin was standing above her, slashing her with a machete and saying, in effect, "You made me do this," an affidavit filed by Alaska State Troopers in Palmer says. By the time Moren called 911 to report the machete attack, Rogers' father was dead.
    Before she left for Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, Moren told troopers that she thought Erin took some or all of unspecified prescription medication she had.
    After his capture Monday, Rogers Jr. told police he was angry with his father and Moren. Many of his family members thought poorly of him, he said, and treated him badly.
    Troopers arriving at the scene Sunday morning couldn't find Rogers Jr. or the weapon that inflicted the injuries. They contacted local police departments and told them to be on the lookout, Trooper Col. Audie Holloway said.
    Rogers Jr. was already on his way to Anchorage in his father's black truck. He later told police killing his father with a machete took a lot of energy and that he should have "just shot them" but he couldn't find his father's gun.
    He did find the gun, and lots of ammunition, in his father's truck as he drove into town. He ditched the truck and the machete in town near a gas station. He kept the gun and went prowling for new wheels.
    10:36 A.M. SUNDAY
    Neighbors walking their dog along the 4300 block of Lois Drive found Jason Wenger, a 27-year-old graduate student at the University of Alaska Anchorage, slumped in his idling green Bronco in his driveway near Spenard Builder's Supply.
    They first thought he needed medical help, then called police when they saw he wasn't breathing.
    Rogers told police he shot Wenger, who was sitting in the driver's seat. He planned to steal the Bronco but the shots were louder than he expected and he worried the neighbors might see him if he took the time to get Wenger's slumped body out of the Bronco and get himself in.
    He "did not want to take on the whole neighborhood," he told police, so he ran away.
    Neighbors reported hearing shots between 7 and 8 a.m., but they saw the idling car and dismissed them as possible backfire, according to court documents.
    Wenger worked for ASSETS Inc., helping people with disabilities, his graduate adviser Jo-Ann Mapson said. A straight-A student, he was at work on his thesis, which he planned to complete in the spring.
    A fleeing Rogers made his way through neighborhoods on foot toward downtown Anchorage, he told police. He tired and took a nap in some woods. When he woke up, he bought a pack of smokes and a bottle of beer, then set out to find another victim, he told police.
    He wasn't worried about getting caught anymore, he said. He "just wanted to kill a few more people along the way."
    7:20 P.M SUNDAY
    Elizabeth Rumsey, 33, was walking home on a bike path near Westchester Lagoon after volunteering for the Anchorage International Film Festival at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub, said her friend Rachel James, who was talking to Rumsey on her cell phone at the time.
    "We were catching up on her weekend," said James, who is Rumsey's backcountry ski partner.
    A law clerk for the Alaska Supreme Court, Rumsey had just won the Wilderness Woman Contest in Talkeetna, James said.
    Rumsey was only a few blocks from her home when "she crossed paths with a tall, thin man who made her nervous," according to the charging document. Over the phone, James heard Rumsey tell someone the time.
    "All of a sudden she screamed several times and the phone went dead," James said. She called a neighbor to go check on her friend, then called Rumsey's cell phone. A woman at the scene picked up and said police and medics were on the way.
    Rumsey, shot in the back, was rushed to Alaska Regional Hospital, where she was initially listed in critical condition.
    Rumsey's friends are keeping a round-the-clock vigil outside her hospital room and said Monday evening they think she is doing well.
    7:05 A.M. MONDAY
    Only a few blocks away from where Rumsey got shot, Tamas Deak, 43, walked out of his home near 16th Avenue and K Street to start his car and let it warm up while he was getting ready for work. Rogers was watching.
    Deak is a landscape architect born in Hungary. He's married with two young children, said Michael Prozeralik, president of KPB Architects, where Deak has worked since 2002.
    As Deak got out of his car to go back inside, Rogers approached him. He had learned from his earlier mistake, he told police, and this time around, he waited for Deak to get out of the car before he shot him multiple times in the arm and torso.
    Rogers sped off as Deak lay on the ground, yelling for his wife.
    A bullet "did nick a lung," Prozeralik said, but no major arteries were hit. "The prognosis is pretty positive," he said. Deak "should have a full recovery."
    When police received the call about the attack on Deak, every available officer and detective - at least 50 - began the hunt for Rogers, who investigators were beginning to see as a part of the bigger picture, said Anchorage police Lt. Paul Honeman.
    7:29 A.M. MONDAY
    Anchorage police spotted Deak's gray 1990 Jeep Wagoneer at the intersection of DeBarr Road and Bragaw Street and began their pursuit, Honeman said. Rogers refused to pull over, leading them south on Bragaw to Northern Lights, where he ran a red light and turned eastbound.
    With a growing string of cruisers in pursuit, it became clear Rogers wasn't planning to stop for police, and the decision was made to stop him with force, Heun said. Two officers rammed their cars into the Wagoneer near Northern Lights and Lily Street, just shy of Boniface Parkway.
    One officer injured his knee during the wreck.
    Rogers told police he intended to shoot some officers, but his .357 revolver "just clicked" when he pulled the trigger.
    Police found five live rounds in the gun, and plenty more in Rogers' jacket.
    Rogers, a construction worker who lived in Anchorage, has a lengthy criminal history here and in the Mat-Su area - including charges of assault, harassment, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, and attempted arson, according to court documents. Though he's been in and out of jail, he's never been in for long, according to the Department of Corrections.
    Even before the Palmer attack, troopers had an outstanding warrant for Rogers' arrest. With 2,119 warrants to wrangle, troopers have to choose who to look for. A probation violation warrant is not at the top of their list, troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said. The original charge in that case was driving under the influence.
    A public defender was appointed Monday to represent Rogers, Heun said. He is being held without bail for the Palmer charges, and on $1 million cash-only bail for the crimes he is accused of in Anchorage, Bachman said.
    He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Anchorage on all the charges, she said.


    My brother missed out on this by about an hour.
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    that crazy ass! wish dave and i coulda seen that shit! HAAAAAAAA.. what a freak-o
    May you rest in peace Daddy and may you never hurt again. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again.

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    What the hell is wrong with these alaskan people J/K 213th we know you are a good shit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoestring View Post
    What the hell is wrong with these alaskan people J/K 213th we know you are a good shit!
    Haha...some of us are okay but we do have some weird people.

    Part of it is though that Alaska's physical distance from the lower 48 and many states lack of interest to extradite for a lot of warrants makes it a haven for fugitives. Many criminals perceive alaska as a good choice to run too. That and Anchorage was just named the 2nd drunkest city in the nation...
    He who has the money, signs the cheques.
    He who signs the cheques, makes the rules.
    He who makes the rules, has the power.
    He who has the power, has the money.

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    What a crazy sumbitch.

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    I think having a girls name (Erin instead of Aaron) his whole life finally made him snap...

    Prayers to the people who were injured and killed...

    It is kind of scary the amount of people who just seem to be losing it lately and taking it out on random people.

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    He looks so happy in the picture!
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    He has that crazy serial killer look. Like "Here's Johnny"

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    Why can't people like this decide to off themselves first?
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