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    West Memphis Police Chief Asked To Resign

    The West Memphis City Council has passed a resolution calling for the resignation of Police Chief Bob Paudert and two officers who were involved in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy.

    The measure goes to the mayor, for his approval or veto.

    West Memphis police Sergeant Erik Sammis, a white officer on a stakeout, shot DeAuntae Farrow as the boy played near an apartment complex on June 22nd.

    Arkansas State Police say Sammis shot the boy because he was holding a toy gun that appeared real. But DeAuntae's family says the boy held a bag of chips and a soda at the time of the shooting. The resolution calls for the resignation of Sammis and Officer Jimmy Evans.

    Paudert said there is no reason to bring about his ouster but that he'll get out if the mayor asks.

    The council voted 6-4 along racial lines last night to call for the resignations.

    Mayor Bill Johnson has five days to either approve or veto the resolution.

    Evans returned to work Tuesday. Paudert says Sammis' position is waiting for him if he decides to return.

    Associated Press

    I get so sick and tired of hearing "it's because he's black"
    They showed the gun this kid had last night on the news. They then put it next to a real gun and you could not tell the difference. Sad situation but it was not based on race.
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    officer on the scene where robberies by juveniles have been taken place sees a juvenile late at night with a gun. family at home not watching child says he has chips and soda. which one to believe I don't have enough information. what color were the involved parties that should solve the riddle for me.

    i'm so sick of the stupid race card.
    ''you are doing this to me because i'm black.''
    if you want to blame your stupidity, poor choices and basic worthlessness on your color that is on you, it in no way affects my low opinion of you.

    it is a tragedy that it happened but it could have been avoided if the parents had been more responsible and were not letting their child roam around late at night. I'm not going to stop and ask is that a real gun or one of the realistic toy ones. i'm going home to my family. it will be one more nightmare I have to deal with but i'll still have my family with me during my waking hours.

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