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    Alvin Cheerleader's Dad Outraged by Suspension

    ALVIN The father of a 13-year-old Alvin Junior High cheerleader said the school district overstepped its bounds when it suspended his daughter for taking a cell phone photo of another cheerleader getting out of the shower during a sleepover in his home.

    "This makes me realize how little control I have over my daughter when the school district can take action on something that happened at my home on a Saturday," Michael Bailey said.

    Bailey said school officials overreacted on Nov. 6 when they suspended five eighth-grade students in the incident. Officials said it became a school issue when several boys were looking at the photo on the junior high campus.

    "They acted on the hearsay," Bailey said, complaining that officials suspended the students without seeing the photo.

    The board took no action on the issue Tuesday.

    Bailey said he welcomed an investigation on the issue by law enforcement agencies. No charges have been filed.

    About a dozen people at the meeting wore T-shirts distributed by Bailey that said "Cheer the truth," and listed the Web site Alvincheer.com. He set up the site to tell his family's side of the story.

    He has also offered a $1,000 reward for any copy of the photo, which he said was deleted from the children's cell phones before any adults saw it.

    The photo, he said, was small and blurry and only showed the girl's back. It was taken as a joke, he said.
    Bailey, a 42-year-old insurance agent, said the photo was taken Nov. 3 after the two other cheerleaders had spent the night with his daughter.

    He admits his daughter took the photo. Another girl sent the photo to a boy. School district officials said two other boys got copies of the photo on their cell phones.

    Bailey said his daughter should not have been punished by the school district for something that happened off campus and not at a school function.

    School district officials said the students were suspended after the boys were found looking at the photo at the school on Nov. 5.
    Both girls and the three boys, all 13, were suspended from school for three days. In addition, the boys were also given two days in-school suspension for having their cell phones turned on at school.

    I can see what the Dad's point is, this all happened in his house. They punished the student's for having their cell phones on during school, along with the other punishment. Do you think the school overstepped its bounds? Do you think the school should be able discipline students about things that happen outside of school?
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    I think the school could maybe take action on the possession and distribution of the photo during school hours but not the act of taking the pic off school grounds outside of hours.

    The only time, IMO, that the school should be able to act regarding anything that happens off campus and outside of hours is if the incident has serious issues that could have an effect on other student, for example, violence or drug distribution charges
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    Well, in the good old days, she'd be kicked off the team for conduct unbecoming, etc.....

    If you were to apply a business model - it's sexual harassment.

    Apply current legal standards - distribution of child pornography.

    She took a picture of a child coming out of the shower, and sent it to at least one friend. If my son pulled that kind of "joke" he'd be living on bread and water for a month.

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    Bailey said school officials overreacted on Nov. 6 when they suspended five eighth-grade students in the incident. Officials said it became a school issue when several boys were looking at the photo on the junior high campus.
    School issue. Case closed.

    Whining Dad should consider the perspective of the other child's father... how would he like it then?

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