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    Arrested Jefferson Parish Deputy tied to missing man

    Arrested Jefferson deputy tied to missing man

    Posted by The Times-Picayune December 12, 2007 2:13PM

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has arrested one of its own, a former traffic deputy accused of burglarizing the vehicle of a man he had arrested on a drunken-driving charge, and authorities don't think it was the first or last time he had done so. What's more, investigators are trying to determine the deputy's ties to a missing Metairie man whose belongings turned up in a search of the officer's residences and vehicle.
    Mark Hebert, 42, of Covington, was booked Tuesday with simple burglary, malfeasance in office and access device fraud, Sheriff Newell Normand said. Those charges stem from the theft of a wallet from the car of a River Ridge man who was booked Aug. 16 with DWI, Normand said. Hebert allegedly used the victim's credit card to buy $4,000 worth of goods from a Home Depot on the north shore.
    Detectives linked Hebert to the vehicle break-in while investigating his possible involvement in separate burglary at Ray Brandt Infiniti, 3700 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairi,e on Oct. 11, Normand said. In that case, search warrants for several residences connected to Hebert turned up receipts and tied him to the vehicle burglary and possibly others, Normand said.
    But investigators also found property belonging to Albert Bloch, 61, a Metairie man who'd been reported missing on Nov. 5.
    Normand said Hebert had handled a traffic wreck involving Bloch on Aug. 2. While Bloch was in the hospital, someone used his credit card to purchase a global positioning system, Normand said. That GPS was later found in Hebert's vehicle during the search. Hebert also had Bloch's driver's license, his credit card and some blank checks.
    Bloch has not been found, and Normand admitted he could be dead, calling it the "worst-case scenario." But investigators are still unsure of Hebert's ties to the missing man. The two had apparently been seen together at least once on Oct. 9 and could have been friends.
    But Hebert is not cooperating with authorities.
    The Sheriff's Office is asking any member of the public who has had any official contact with Hebert and thinks something may have been taken or was missing afterwards to call investigators at (504) 364-5300.

    Thanks alot assmunch for the black eye.
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    We dallied under
    Vine maples and sapling alders
    Searched for lady slippers
    But instead
    Found blackberry riots and
    Desiccated branches

    An old skid road
    Brought ghost ferns and
    Hollows filled with
    Skunk cabbage
    While waves wrapped
    Intricate lacings of weeds
    'Round mule spinners

    His cyanotic eyes
    Were hard enough to make
    The sun turn tail and
    Tender enough to attract me
    To his world of illusion

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    Yep, another black eye.

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    What the F * * *? I know he has not been tried and convicted but golly gee Batman, what is going on in that guy's head? What a dufuss!
    Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.
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