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    CHP Sergeant Receives National Medal of Valor

    CHP sergeant receives medal for shootout role

    A local California Highway Patrol sergeant was honored this week with a national Medal of Valor for his role in a 2005 freeway shootout.

    Sgt. Kirk Van Orsdel, 44, oversees administrative operations at the CHP station in Oceanside. He was one of five people to receive the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor from President Bush in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

    On July 21, 2005, Van Orsdel dodged 30 rounds from an AK-47 rifle and single-handedly took down the gunman with two shots from his rifle on a Riverside County freeway.

    The gunman was arrested and sentenced to prison.

    Van Orsdel's patrol car was riddled with bullet holes, and he was peppered with glass shards and bullet fragments, but he survived the battle otherwise uninjured. ľK.D.
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    Way to go. He took care of business.
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    Thumbs up

    Good job. Great training always trumps better weapons!

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    Great job, Sgt!

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    Here is another story with more description of the incident:


    Kirk also won the State of California's Medal of Valor:

    On July 21, 2005, California Highway Patrol Sergeant Kirk Van Orsdel apprehended a violent criminal after several combat shootings. Sergeant Kirk Van Orsdel located a vehicle involved in a road rage incident and upon stopping the vehicle was immediately fired upon with a high powered, fully automatic AK-47 assault rifle. After a short evasion, the suspect stopped on the freeway and engaged Sergeant Van Orsdel in a second exchange of gunfire. After the exchange of gunfire, the suspect traveled the wrong way on the freeway and used an entrance ramp to exit to the city streets. Sergeant Van Orsdel followed in reverse on the shoulder. Once Sergeant Van Orsdel arrived on the city streets, he was ambushed by the suspect who was hiding behind a concrete guard rail. The Sergeant responded to the attack and returned fire upon the assailant. The suspect re-entered his car and fled the scene. Sergeant Van Orsdel was confronted by the suspect at a final location where Sergeant Van Orsdel was suddenly fired upon and trapped inside the patrol car. As Sergeant Van Orsdel laid across the seat to avoid being shot, he retrieved his rifle. He started firing at the suspect allowing himself time to exit the patrol car and re-engage the suspect in battle. The suspect was incapacitated and taken into custody. The Sergeant's actions during the ongoing pursuit and multiple engagements in gunfire were responsible for preserving his own life and saving the lives of several people.

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    That dude had the medal coming for that incident!!!!

    Outstanding in every way. Tenacity, mobility, fire and most of all, courage. Way to go CHP!

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    It is always good to see an officer as the winner in a gunfight!! I am sure the Sgt would say,,, "I did what I had to to stop the person and I did what anyone else would have done" But on this day it was the the SGT and it was a big deal... Good Job, Brother!!!
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