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    South of the Border

    Police disarmed in Mexican town

    Drug gangs are strong in Mexico's border region

    The Mexican army has confiscated guns from the entire police force of the town of Rosarito, near the Mexican border with the US.
    Mexican authorities suspect that the town's police have been colluding with drug trafficking gangs.
    Mexican troops carried out a similar crackdown in January on Tijuana police.
    The Rosarito force's 200 guns will be examined to see whether any were used in an attack on the town's police chief earlier this month.
    One of his bodyguards was killed in the attack.
    'Purging the ranks'
    "We recognise that the enemy is inside our house and for this reason we are purging the ranks - we need to have confidence in our police," Baja California state police chief Daniel de la Rosa said.
    Drug gangs are strong in Mexico's border region, which includes Rosarito, a beach resort town south of Tijuana. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has deployed about 25,000 troops to the region, and to the western state of Michoacan, since taking office 12 months ago. Some 2,500 people have died so far in 2007 in turf wars between rival Mexican drugs gangs
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    Interesting, the Mexican military disarming a Mexican police department because of concerns that they might have been infiltrated by drug gangs.

    Given what we know already about the exploits of the Mexican military (and the Federales), can we be so sure that infiltrations haven't taken place on both sides of the field? If there are wolves disarming wolves, then this is no more than a continuation of the power struggle between rival factions.

    How desperate the people must be never knowing which direction to flee. That must be one reason why so many choose North. Were that direction cut off, perhaps they would then be put into a position to band together in defense of themselves and revolution would soon follow. Such revolution could bring about radical changes in government, sweeping social changes for the betterment of the country's entire populace, and make Mexico more of a republic representative of its people, than of its corrupt elite.

    Then again, they could just continue to serve the will of the corrupt, infiltrate neighboring lands, and send the money back to fuel the corruption further. That seems to be working for them so far.

    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
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