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Thread: Cocaine Vaccine

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    Cocaine Vaccine

    A vaccine which can help cocaine addicts break their addiction has been developed by a UK pharmaceutical company. Trials carried out in the US showed almost half of those given the TA-CD vaccine, developed by Xenova, were able to stay off the drug for six months.
    The vaccine does not stop the craving for cocaine, but will stop addicts experiencing a high when they take it.
    The company says this prevents the people becoming re-addicted.
    If their underlying issues aren't addressed, people may move on to another drug

    Drugscope spokeswoman

    In the study, the TA-CD vaccine was compared with a dummy version.

    David Oxlade, chief executive of Xenova, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "This is the third study in the US that we are reporting on today, and it shows that almost half the addicts were able to stay cocaine-free for six months.
    "That is a quite remarkable position."
    Mr Oxlade added: "The vaccine for cocaine addicts works in very much the same way a regular vaccine works.
    "The reason cocaine addicts can take the drug for years without mounting any sort of immune response is because the drug has very small molecules."
    He explained that the vaccine is created by attaching the cocaine to a large protein molecule which is used to stimulate the body's immune system to produce antibodies that recognise the drug.
    Mr Oxlade added: "It stops the cocaine from being able to get across from the blood into the brain, which is where you get the high and, of course, where you get the addiction.
    "If somebody takes the vaccine as part of a programme in a drug centre and after a month or so is out and takes another dose of cocaine, they won't get the high and they won't get the re-addiction."
    He said it was possible that addicts would simply switch to another drug, but said evidence from three US trials showed that only happened in a small number of cases.
    A spokeswoman for Drugscope told BBC News Online: "This is a really interesting study. It's clear that the vaccine seems to be working well for some cocaine addicts.
    'Ethical issues'
    "But we have to remember that not everyone reacts in the same way to treatments.
    "A lot of cocaine addicts have complex social and psychological issues. Once one drug stops working, if these underlying issues aren't addressed, people may move on to another drug that does."
    Lesley King-Lewis, chief executive of Action on Addiction, said: "The first priority would be to give it to cocaine users who have already given up, because they are in danger of relapse, and then move on to those who are still using."
    "There is no substitute drug available to use in treatment for cocaine addicts, so any extra help is vital in helping them to lead normal lives again."
    But she added: "However, the vaccine must stimulate a very strong immune response so that every single cocaine molecule is mopped up if someone uses again. Otherwise a small number could get through and act like a teaser, causing the person to take even more to satisfy their cravings completely.
    "Other forms of support would also be necessary for cocaine addicts giving up, as it is more than just the physiological addiction that causes people to use again. Craving is a very complex issue that won't necessarily be solved with a pharmacological intervention.
    She added: "There are also ethical issues around when and how this vaccine is used."

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    Great idea, but who thinks it will actually hit the street and work?
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    They need a vaccine for meth that makes em break out sores...... oh yea it already does that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Probation13-901 View Post
    They need a vaccine for meth that makes em break out sores...... oh yea it already does that.
    You would think that would be a great for keeping people off of Meth but everyday someone else jumps on the wagon.

    I think this could be a great thing but like so many other things people dont want to give up things they like, people like cocaine because of what it does so I dont think people will want to get help

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    The "Underlying Issues" thing is a big part of it. It wont work without a desire to quit using and addressing the issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidp24 View Post
    The "Underlying Issues" thing is a big part of it. It wont work without a desire to quit using and addressing the issues.
    I agree.

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    Few will use it unless forcably admistered by court order. Then it may work.

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    Jail, the ultimate detox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidp24 View Post
    The "Underlying Issues" thing is a big part of it. It wont work without a desire to quit using and addressing the issues.
    That is the most poignant statement ever in reference to the War on Drugs...we can make dope harder to get, more expensive to get, harder to make and a jailable offense to have/make/sell it, but if you wanna use bad enough, you're gonna use. A fiend would put his ballsack in a crocodile's mouth if he thought it'd score him a good enough high. Rep Sent!
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    Sounds like Martina Hingis could use this. I really hope this isn't true.

    LONDON --
    Martina Hingis was banned for two years Friday for testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon last year.

    The International Tennis Federation said an independent anti-doping tribunal found that Hingis, who announced her retirement Nov. 1 on the day she revealed the positive test, had committed an offense.

    The 27-year-old Hingis denied using cocaine, but the tribunal rejected suggestions there were any doubts over her sample.

    Although the five-time Grand Slam winner is now retired, Hingis' suspension is backdated to Oct. 1. She has three weeks to contest the ruling and punishment.

    The ITF disqualified Hingis' results from last year's Wimbledon and any subsequent tournaments she played in. She also forfeits any ranking points gained and $129,481 in prize money.

    Hingis provided the sample after losing 6-4, 6-2 to Laura Granville in the third round at Wimbledon.

    There was no immediate reaction from Hingis, who dominated women's tennis between 1997-2000 by winning three straight Australian Opens, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. She was twice a runner-up at the French Open where her loss to Iva Majoli in 1997 stopped her winning all four Grand Slams that year.

    Hingis returned to the sport in 2005 after a four-year absence because of injuries.

    When announcing her retirement at a news conference in Zurich, Hingis denied ever using cocaine.

    "I find this accusation so horrendous, so monstrous that I've decided to confront it head on by talking to the press," she said. "I am frustrated and angry. I believe that I am absolutely 100 percent innocent."

    Larry Scott, chief executive of the WTA Tour, said Friday his organization was saddened by the outcome of the case.

    "As a signatory to the WADA Code and a founding member of the Tennis Anti-Doping Program, the WTA Tour is committed to ensuring the integrity and competitive fairness of women's professional tennis, and ensuring the heath and well-being of our athletes," Scott said.

    "We are saddened by this news as Martina has meant so much to fans the world over and made many positive contributions to the sport."

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