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    Nice call there, "Your Honor"


    MANSFIELD, Ohio -- A judge now says he wishes he hadn't given a former Mansfield teacher a second chance to stay out of prison for having sex with a then-13-year-old girl.

    In September, Richland County Common Pleas Judge James Henson gave 36-year-old Dustin Powers five years' probation for sexual battery.

    On Wednesday, Powers was back before the judge -- pleading guilty to violating probation, because police say he had sex again in December with the now 15-year-old girl. They met while he taught gym at a middle school.

    Powers said he didn't mean to make a mockery of the court and pleaded for mercy. Henson sent him to prison for four years on the original conviction.

    The judge said the probation decision was the right one at the time -- but Powers was the wrong person.
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    Bravo for getting it right the second time....or....better late than never.

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    I have no issue with judges who admit their mistakes, then rectify them.

    Now the offender should tote the new charge, and if convicted, recieve the maximum allowable. That to me, would be rectifying the original mistake, your honor.

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