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    OC Sheriff Carona Expected to Resign Today

    OC Sheriff Carona Expected to Resign Today
    Last Edited: Monday, 14 Jan 2008, 5:36 AM PST Created: Monday, 14 Jan 2008, 5:32 AM PST Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona, who was indicted on federal corruption charges Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007, answers a question during a private interview at the Orange County Sheriff's headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif. Carona was indicted on seven counts, including conspiracy, mail fraud and witness tampering in a wide-ranging indictment unsealed Tuesday that also implicates his wife, his "longtime mistress" and two former assistant sheriffs. (


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    Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona is expected to resign today, so he can focus on his upcoming trial.
    Carona will apparently make the announcement on the departmentís Web site, saying he will retire for the good of the department.
    He doesnít want to be distracted while defending himself against public corruption charges.
    By stepping down, Carona will be able to accept free legal work offered by two top white-collar criminal attorneys.
    The trial is scheduled for June

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    Pretty bad when your wife and mistress come to court for you.

    Can't he get work furlogh so he can keep his job while he serves his sentance. They would do it for O.J.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armsmaster270 View Post
    Pretty bad when your wife and mistress come to court for you.
    Possibly, but they're implicated, too. I'd also bet that they're friends, or at least on good terms with each other.
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