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    Exclamation 'Cloned' vehicles used for illegal operations: Authorities bust fake FedEx delivery Trucks, fake Emergency Vehicles, even fake Wal-Mart Trailers


    08:29 AM CST on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    The report showed example images of cloned vehicles.

    Also Online Rebecca Lopez reports
    Cloned vehicles fact sheet (pdf)
    • from National Insurance Crime Bureau

    DALLAS — Law enforcement agencies across the country have been warned to be alert for vehicles that have been made to look like commercial or law enforcement vehicles, but in actuality are "clones" being used for illegal activities.

    A 28-page report obtained by News 8 revealed that cloned vehicles are being used to smuggle drugs, guns and illegal immigrants.

    Authorities said in one example, authorities discovered that a truck that appeared to be a Federal Express vehicle was actually a fake hauling 1,300 pounds of marijuana inside U-Haul boxes.
    When Texas state troopers pulled over a fake SBC truck, the driver wouldn't cooperate and didn't have proper paperwork. After troopers searched the vehicle, authorities said they found 1,800 pounds of marijuana.

    Police said they have found more and more cloned vehicles all across the nation. Often times, authorities said the criminals are savvy enough to carry equipment to try and disguise their illegal contraband.

    One cloned van was reported to have been carrying hollowed-out spools of wire in the cargo area. Inside, police found more than $1 million.

    In another case, a vehicle posing as a border patrol van was found to be holding 31 illegal immigrants inside. Authorities said the people were stacked on top of one another.

    A Flower Mound couple was also busted for driving a fake vehicle that police said was designed to look like an emergency vehicle.
    Police said the criminals are creative and they fear a fake vehicle could be used by terrorists for surveillance and preplanning of an actual attack.

    The report said police should pay close attention to delivery service and government vehicles during routine stops, which is how most of the cloned vehicles have been found.

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    Good post. It would be a good one to have as a thread in the officer safety/intelligence section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2525 View Post
    Good post. It would be a good one to have as a thread in the officer safety/intelligence section.
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