I used to be a reserve officer for this department. They have a stockyard and cattle auction facility right in town. I never had to rustle any cattle, but this is the 4th or 5th time this has happened in the past few years. Back in the summer of 2002, one of the rookies was sent flying about 10 feet by a bull that charged him after he forgot to take the safety off his shotgun before pulling the trigger

MNDOT cameras captured the freeway action, but there's no video of the final bull takedown I can't tell by looking at the video, but I think the officer managed to get a shot or two off at the bull while it charged him after coming around the side of the tow truck.

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Bull On The Loose On I-494 Friday

It was quite a traffic stop for officers in South St. Paul Friday as a bull was loose on Interstate 494.

A traffic management camera showed police as they were trying to round up a bull.

The bull jumped three pens to get out of the Central Livestock Association then it wandered onto I-494.

Officers tried to keep the bull from jumping the median with the help of a driver in a tow truck.

The bull also tried to ram one officer who got out of his car to try to stop the bull.

The animal weighs nearly 1900 pounds.

The bull eventually wandered into a neighborhood, where police said they had to shoot and kill it to make sure it didn't hurt anyone.