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    Guess I am in a secure job

    I'd venture property crimes will tick up, hence, keeping me gainfully employed.

    Oh yeah, we don't do SSI contributions so my 401 (a) is getting rather ugly looking. I shoudl have transferred into a gold based 401 (a).


    Be interesting to see what the US markets do Tuesday after the bell is rung.

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    I am a younger officer, have a good amount in a 403B (Seperate retirement besides our state ben. (above and beyond as I like to think)) My suggestion to anyone that has time before retirement is continue to invest in the mutual funds and keep putting it away (even though it may be scary) because when things eventually rebound, well you may be able to retire earlier than you think.

    Oh and pennie stocks suck! I tried them in the last two years, havent done anything for me, but I have been sitting on that too, so we will see what happens



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