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    How would Jesus run the country?

    Jesus wants your vote and he needs a running mate

    He walked on water, he turned water to wine, and now he wants to be your candidate for president.

    That's right, it's Jesus who should be the next leader of the free world, according to a website launched this month called www.JesusIn2008.com.

    It invites voters to shape his platform, even nominate a contemporary running mate in this electronic nominating convention, then use the results to guide their real votes in November.

    The Jesus running in 2008 is not divine but rather "Jesus the man, the revolutionary individual who comes to us through history as a model for ethical and moral human behavior," says the site's creator, Stephen Heffner.

    "I'm probably not alone in feeling that somehow we are not getting the best possible candidates for president or the best possible process," says Heffner, a former newspaper reporter and a non-practicing Catholic.
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    "My sense is that if Jesus were here, he would do the right thing, without needing a political strategist giving him what he thinks people want to hear."

    Heffner wants the debate to be intellectual and pragmatic, tempered with examples from the Bible, not a back-and-forth of sweeping dogma.

    There are only three rules on the site: no miracles, no preaching and no rude behavior.

    After all, if Jesus were to use miracles to solve the energy crisis or fund Social Security, strategic debate would be pointless.

    So far, Mike Huckabee and California Attorney General Jerry Brown have been floated as possible VPs.

    And delegates parse Jesus' positions on issues such as health care (he doesn't trust HMOs), the environment (he would be pro-conservation) and church-state separation ("Does Jesus have to recuse himself on this one?" one person asked).

    The Rev. Jim Wallis, the progressive evangelical founder of Sojourners/Call to Renewal and author of the new book The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America, says finding a candidate in Jesus' image isn't a political panacea.

    "The Sermon on the Mount would not be a political platform. Changes in society are like reforms; you make one, and then you make another," Wallis says.

    Jacques Berlinerblau, who teaches at Georgetown University and is author of Thumpin' It: The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Today's Presidential Politics, says the site "will let the secularists and non-believers get their ya-yas out because it'll be funny to see evangelicals and fundamentalists fume."

    But, he says, if people seriously discuss "what Jesus would want as a candidate, it could make people think harder about the choices they make in the political process."

    Would he vote for Jesus?

    "Perhaps," Berlinerblau says. "The Jesus that I've constructed in my mind, the Jesus that I like, but that's my Jesus.

    "When you ask people, 'Would you want Jesus to be your president?' people would almost always answer yes, but different people have different Jesuses. It's when Jesus enters the public sphere that people start to argue."
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    By Matthew Streib, Religion News Service


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    Wow. Some folks just don't get it do they?
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