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    Two year old shot in Playstation argument

    A two-year-old boy is recovering after he was shot Monday night. Baton Rouge police say a stray bullet hit the child. Now, officers are searching for the suspected gunman. The little boy's grandmother tells 9NEWS that the moments after the gunfire were chaotic inside their apartment on Great Smokey Avenue. The little boy is named Deandrea Potlow, but he's known as "Low" to his family. Family members say he will be okay; the bullet hit his leg. His grandmother is thankful it didn't hit anything else, but the reason guns were pulled in the first place is what really makes her think things aren't safe.
    He would usually be at home with his grandma and cousins, but after all the commotion of Monday night; he was carried away to the hospital. "Only thing he know it hurts, you know, he got a boo-boo. It hurts," says Pat Riley, the boy's grandmother. Monday night, the parking lot in front of Riley's apartment was lit with police lights. Baton Rouge police say two men were fighting right outside the family's home over a stolen PlayStation. Inside, two-year-old Deandrea Potlow sat watching television.
    "One thing led to another, next thing you know, you hear gunshots. And I heard three," Riley says. Police say whoever was outside tried to solve the fight over the PlayStation with gunfire. Riley's car caught one bullet, another went through a bedroom window, and yet another came through the bedroom and hit Deandrea. "They don't think, don't think. They just shooting," the grandmother says.
    She grabbed Deandrea and her other grandchildren and took cover in the hallway. Crying and scared, she says she held them down. There are still spots of blood from "Low" on the floor. There's an old saying that goes, "Bad things come in sets of 3s." Riley says just last month, someone crashed into her daughter's car and took out a brick column, and now, her grandson is recovering from a gunshot wound. She's hoping no more bad luck will come her family's way.
    Right now, Pat Riley has no plans to move. She says wherever a person goes, home is what you make it. She says the people causing trouble aren't scared of the police, so that may be part of the problem. Baton Rouge police say right now, they have no suspects in mind.
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    Bullet went the wrong way.
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    I think I can find a "stray" bullet for the gunman.
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    That is sad this kid doesnt even no whats going on and he is a victim already. I hope they catch the sob's.



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