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Thread: Outdoor heaters

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    Outdoor heaters

    LONDON (Reuters) - The patio heaters warming drinkers and diners on the pavements of northern Europe are also warming the planet's climate and should be banned, according to a European Parliament report that could be adopted on Thursday.
    Environmentalists argue that heaters not only pump heat directly into the atmosphere but also climate-damaging CO2, while owners of pubs and bars say they need them to help retain customers driven outside by smoking bans. "Patio heaters are scandalous because they are burning fossil fuels in the open sky, so producing vast quantities of CO2 with very little heat benefit," said European parliamentarian Fiona Hall, who wrote the report criticizing the pace of energy reforms in Europe.
    "We urge the Commission to set a timetable for completely taking off the market some appliances that are intrinsically inefficient, such as patio heaters," she added. The report will not lead directly to legislation, but it seeks to guide the European Commission on parliamentarians' priorities. Any ban would be fiercely opposed by UK pub owners, whose businesses suffered after a smoking ban last year and are now struggling with weakening consumer spending and rising costs. The heaters are also popular in many other European countries. "It's ironic this comes at a time when we've all invested heavily in slightly heated areas after the government banned smoking," said Giles Thorley, Chief Executive of Britain's biggest pubs owner Punch Taverns, which has around 8,400 venues. "But it's a long way from legislation," he told Reuters. According to UK government statistics, outdoor heaters produce about 22,200 tons of CO2 a year, compared with around 21 million tons from household heating and hot water. The report will be debated later on Wednesday by the European Parliament, with a vote to adopt it on Thursday. Friends of the Earth's Director Tony Juniper said: "If the UK government is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, it must be prepared to back EU proposals to improve energy efficiency, which include banning these carbon-belching monstrosities."
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    Don't you just love these beauracrauts (or however ya spell it). They create more pollution with the hot air they spew into the atmosphere and destroy more trees with their worthless reports that the common folk have no say-so in. Sit in their high chairs in Brussels - like kings and queens and answer to no one. God help us when the US gets this bad (unless you live on the Left Coast.)

    My little rant for the day.

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    They have apparently never been to America to see how WE waste natural resources, baby!
    There are only two kinds of real justice left: street and poetic...

    Canada, huh? Almost made it...

    *DISCLAIMER*The opinions expressed here are my own delusions. My employer administraton would at best shake their heads and sigh; or at worst severely repudiate the content of these posts, should it ever manage to appear on their radar.

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    It is 12* F with a wind chill factor of -14* F here right now. If I thought "global warming" was true, I'd be on my front porch emptying all the aerosol cans I could find.

    PS: Off duty - nice avy. D'OH!

    "Stupid should hurt."



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