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    Stolen laptop contained profiles of state job applicants

    Stolen laptop contained profiles of state job applicants

    By Clint Swett, Sacramento Bee, 1/30/08

    A laptop computer containing psychological screenings of 441
    applicants for California peace officer jobs was stolen in Mexico
    this month, State Personnel Board officials said Wednesday.

    The computer, owned by a psychologist doing contract work for the
    state, contained raw data from interviews with applicants for jobs
    with the California Highway Patrol, the state Corrections Department
    and others, SPB spokeswoman Sherry Evans said.

    The completed psychological evaluations previously had been erased
    from the machine and no other personal or financial information such
    as Social Security numbers was stored on the computer, Evans said.

    "These were basically answers to questions asked by the psychologist
    during the evaluation," Evans said. "It's basically a question
    like 'Have you ever been depressed?' "

    All applicants for state peace officer jobs are required to undergo
    psychological screening.

    Evans said all the affected candidates were notified Friday of the
    security breach and given a toll-free number to call. Only two or
    three applicants have responded so far, she said, and they primarily
    were concerned about how the incident affected their applications.

    The computer was stolen Jan. 11 while the psychologist, whom Evans
    declined to name, was vacationing in Mexico. She said the
    psychologist was apparently unaware of a recent state requirement
    that all state information stored in a private computer be encrypted
    so as to be unreadable without a special code.

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    A psychologist screws everything up, who ever would have thought that?!
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