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    Talking Is This Really News??? All Men Do this, but Some Aren't as Organized :D


    Police: Man trying to trick SMU students into posing nude 2:06 PM CT

    02:11 PM CST on Friday, February 15, 2008

    By RUSS AARON / The Dallas Morning News

    Orange fliers dotted the SMU campus Friday as police warned students about a man trying to trick female students into posing nude.

    Campus police have received at least 10 complaints since Wednesday from girls who have either been approached or allowed their pictures to be taken. No one has agreed to be photographed without clothes, police said.

    The man, who police said goes by the name Dean Kelly, has approached students at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, Moody Coliseum and nearby Park Cities Plaza.

    SMU Chief of Police Richard Shafer said Mr. Kelly has been claiming to be connected to MTV. He approaches female students and asks if they want pictures taken. He also leads them to believe that a professional makeup artist will be at the photo shoot.

    However, after arriving at the location of the photo shoot, the girls found no makeup artist and equipment of a quality that seemed below the standards for a professional photographer, Chief Shafer said.

    Mr. Kelly first takes pictures of the girls clothed, and then eventually asks them to pose without their garments, Chief Shafer said.

    Police said it does not appear that a crime has been committed, but university policy has been violated. It is against campus policy to solicit without permission, which Mr. Kelly did not have. Chief Shafer said he did not know the location where the girls' photos were taken or how many actually went to the photo shoots.

    "We would like people to know this is what this guy's doing out here. If he approaches you and you opt to go have photos taken with him, just kind of be aware the approach he's taking," Chief Shafer said. "Our warning is there just so that [the students] can make a rational decision."

    Police are trying to make contact with Mr. Kelly to determine who he is, what he is doing and whether he is telling the truth. Investigators believe they have talked to him on the telephone, but have not confirmed his identity. Mr. Kelly was supposed to meet with SMU police Thursday night, but did not show up, the chief said.

    Mr. Kelly has been described as a white male in his 20s with short, dark hair and a muscular build.
    Freshman Vicki Owen, 18, said she was concerned.
    "Let's be honest. I am a little freaked out by it," she said. "You don't really expect it to happen on your campus. But when it does, it's a little scary."

    Anyone who has information is asked to call 214-SMU-3388 or


    Be mindful of your safety at all times.
    Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in parking lots and garages. Have you keys ready as you approach your car, and always lock your doors after entering.
    When meeting a new friend or business acquantaince, let friends and family know where you are going. Consider a daytime meeting rather than a night meeting, and meet in a public place.
    If you are the victim of a crime or see something suspicious, call police immediately at 911. Time is of the essence in such situations.

    SMU Police Department

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    This post worthless with out pics!!!
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    a guy in college trying to trick chicks into getting naked? say it ain't so!


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