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    Van Buren Twp Cop figures out

    How to make us look bad.......

    VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - A Van Buren Township police officer and his three companions are scheduled to be arraigned March 13 in Ferndale’s 43rd District Court after the group allegedly left a popular Ferndale nightspot without paying.
    The four men were arrested at about 2 a.m. after they rushed out of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on West 9 Mile near Woodward, leaving a bill of about $76 for food and drinks, and jumped into a pickup truck driven by the officer, which then drove off without lights and ran a red light, Ferndale police said.
    After his arrest, the officer was suspended without pay, and had his badge confiscated by Van Buren investigators on the night of the arrests, said Van Buren Township Police Capt. Greg Lauraine.
    Police officer Deontae Turner has an administrative hearing at the police department on Feb. 20, Lauraine said. “At that time, there may or may not be a determination of discipline. It could be anything from suspension to dismissal. And he’ll be afforded an opportunity to tell his side of the story,” Lauraine said Friday.
    Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said, ““It’s not the biggest crime in the world, but when a cop steals it’s still a big deal.” Wilson said that the Van Buren Township officer, upon being stopped by Oak Park and Ferndale police at 9 Mile and Coolidge, immediately identified himself as a police officer and flashed his police badge.
    “With this guy flashing his badge – I don’t know if he thought he’d get out of trouble with our guys. We want to tell the public that this is not a tolerated behavior by a police officer,” Wilson said Friday.
    He gave this account of what happened:
    At the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant located at 280 W. Nine Mile, employees told police that a group of five men had been eating. The waiter put a bill on the men’s table, then went to tend to other customers. He looked back to where he left the bill and noticed the table was empty. Three of the men were putting on their coats and leaving, and the other two men were gone. The waiter approached the men and asked them about paying the bill. They did not respond to him, but quickly walked out of the restaurant. They got into a truck parked on the street out front, and drove off hurriedly with the vehicle lights off. They drove through the red light on 9 Mile at Planavon.
    Oak Park officers saw the vehicle at 9 Mile and Coolidge and made a traffic stop. Ferndale Police quickly arrived to the scene. The driver of the suspect truck identified himself as a Van Buren Township Police officer.
    Investigating officers determined that he lied to them as they tried to determine what happened. Eventually Ferndale police arrested the off-duty officer, and his three companions. They were booked at the Ferndale Police Department and released on personal bond.
    During the arrest, Van Buren Township Police Department officers arrived to begin their own internal investigation concerning the officer. Warrants for defrauding an Innkeeper have been obtained against the four suspects.
    A fifth man who ate with the group apparently drove off in another vehicle and so far has not been arrested, Wilson said Friday.
    The suspects are: the police officer, Turner, 28, of Trenton; Ashley Terry, 26, of Taylor; Antoine Terry, 29, of Taylor; and Richard Coleman, 35, of Detroit. Ferndale and Van Buren police had conflicting information on Friday about whether the two men named Terry were related.
    Wilson said, “It’s hard to believe someone would throw away his career and tarnish the badge for something like this.”
    Insert witty comment and disclaimer here.

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    In MN you can NOT be a police officer if you've got a conviction for any theft, before or during your licensure.
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