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    Confrontation in Park Leads to Arrest in Shower

    Confrontation in park leads to arrest in shower

    February 19, 2008
    SAN DIEGO: A man was arrested after a confrontation at Chollas Community Park in which a ranger used pepper spray on a man who became irate after he was told his dog needed to be on a leash, police said.

    The ranger reportedly had told a man, 36, that his pit bull had to be on a leash near the Chollas Heights Reservoir in Oak Park. The man allegedly threw a rock at the ranger, missing her. She sprayed him with pepper spray before he got into his Honda Civic and steered toward her and a witness before driving away, police Sgt. Dave Jennings said.

    The ranger radioed for help about 4 p.m. A few minutes later, a resident on Aragon Drive, half a mile away in the Redwood Village neighborhood, called police to report an angry man pounding his fist on a pickup, then driving off in a Civic.

    Jennings said a witness followed the Civic several blocks to a house on Waite Drive. Officers arrived in time to see the front door close. They went inside and found a man in the shower.

    The ranger and five witnesses identified him as the suspect in the Chollas park confrontation, Jennings said. The man was jailed on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and parole violation. P.R.
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