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    Man shot by police naked, raving

    This occurred in a neighboring town. Wasn't a box cutter the weapon of choice on 9/11?

    February 26, 2008

    Man shot by police naked, raving

    Mental patient armed with box cutter, says neighbor who called 911

    Richard Lake

    Derek Johnson died naked, convinced that he was God and screaming that the world was about to end, according to interviews with police, his family and the man who called the cops on him.
    "He was a mental patient," said Derek's brother, David Johnson, who is angry that the police portrayed his brother as an armed burglar. "He was naked and screaming that he was God."
    Flowood police shot Derek Johnson, 32, to death about 9:30 p.m. Sunday in a grassy field outside his apartment in the Woods of Lakeland apartment complex, a 236-unit complex at Old Fannin Road and Flowood Drive.
    Derek Johnson is the seventh man to die in the metro area in the last 14 months during or after an encounter with law enforcement, including two who died after officers used a Taser.
    David Johnson, who lives in Florida, said his brother had a history of schizophrenia and occasionally had delusional episodes when he did not take his medication.
    He may have been having one Sunday night.
    Flowood Police Chief Johnny DeWitt said two officers responded to the complex after a frantic 911 call reporting that an armed man was trying to break into an occupied apartment.
    The officers, whom the chief called veterans but would not identify, chased the man around to the back of the building.
    There, the chief said, the man came at them with a knife. One of the officers shot and killed him.
    When told that others had described the knife as a box cutter, the chief said, "Some people might call it a box cutter."
    "It was a sharp, bladed instrument," DeWitt said. "The officers felt their lives were in danger and made the decision to use deadly force."
    John Hillhouse, who'd lived next door to Derek Johnson since September, made the 911 call.
    He acknowledged he probably sounded frantic on the phone and said he told the operator that Johnson was mentally ill.
    He called Johnson a casual acquaintance whom he'd never seen act violently. He said in casual conversations Johnson had acknowledged to him that he had schizophrenia.
    Johnson worked at the nearby Back Yard Burgers on Old Fannin Road, Hillhouse and other neighbors said. He had previously worked at a nearby Shell station.
    Hillhouse, 22, said he used to lend Johnson money now and then or give him a ride to the post office when he needed it.
    He said the situation Sunday started about 9 p.m. when he heard yelling outside his apartment. He figured it was just someone arguing and that it was none of his business. But it persisted, so he stuck his head outside to see what was going on.
    He saw Johnson out there, naked, screaming that Armageddon was coming.
    Right about then, Hillhouse said, his sister arrived. He ushered her into his apartment, and Johnson tried to get in.
    Hillhouse dialed 911. He said he tried closing the door on Johnson while on the phone with the police, but Johnson was able to sneak an arm inside. He had a box cutter in his hand.
    He finally got the door closed about the same time the police arrived, Hillhouse said.
    He did not hear the gunfire.
    Neighbor Barbara Miller did.
    She said she'd heard the yelling but had no idea what was going on.
    Then, "just pow pow pow pow pow," she said. "Real quick."
    David Johnson said his brother had been a patient at the Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield, the state's mental hospital, more than once.
    Derek Johnson had been arrested in June after a traffic stop, the only arrest on record in Rankin or Hinds counties. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, lack of car insurance, improper equipment and failure to dim headlights.
    Disposition of those charges was not immediately available.
    Johnson's brother called the police overzealous in the shooting.
    "The cops were fully aware this was a mental patient," he said. "They didn't have to kill him. This was a naked, schizophrenic man with a box cutter.
    "The whole thing makes my blood boil."
    DeWitt defended the officers, saying things happened so quickly that they simply reacted the way they are trained to do. Public perceptions that officers can shoot a man in the leg are far from reality, he said. He did not know whether the officers were armed with Tasers.
    "When an officer pulls his weapon," DeWitt said, "he has made a decision to use deadly force. We're not trained to shoot in the leg or anything like that. They're trained to stop a threat."
    The officers involved are on paid leave while the investigation continues. As is routine in deadly police shootings, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the case.
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    Why would I use my taser, the guy might kill me That is why I bring a gun to a knife fight
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    I always rave naked while carrying a box cutter....wait, what?!
    Calm Like A Bomb...

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    One less psycho in the world. Good Riddance!

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    And this, boys and girls, is why we don't just go off our medications. Everyone understand? Good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffy2202 View Post
    One less psycho in the world. Good Riddance!
    To be a good Law Enforcement Officer you MUST know the law!

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    A point:

    -just because someone is mentally ill, doesn't mean they are not dangerous
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    If he had just left his underwear on he would have been a canidate for singing Kumbaya (sp), but since he got naked then we all know that all bets are off!!

    Good shoot following those requirements.
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    I'm guessing that only mentaly stable people can hurt us, mentaly ill people are perfectly safe. Unless you go to virgina tech???????



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