Drugs and guns have been seized during a week-long crackdown which targeted Nottingham's drug trade.

Officers seized two firearms, drugs worth 10,000 and 15,000 in cash during Operation Glacier.

The raids, which resulted in 55 arrests, took place in Radford, St Ann's, Clifton and other properties across the city.
Pc Adam Wrigley said the raids resulted in the seizure of a loaded Russian-made gun and 6,000 in cash at one property.

Nottinghamshire Police's Assistant Chief Constable Peter Moyes said the raids were targeting both the "foot soldiers" in the drug trade along with "those higher up".

"This is a tremendous blow to drug dealing in the city," he added.
"We have had a concentrated effort to arrest a target group of offenders for drug dealing."
The police are working with other agencies to offer drug treatment options to addicts in the wake of the arrests, he added.