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    ICE agent snaps, shoots at police, then kills himself

    GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas - Grand Prairie police said they evacuated parts of an apartment complex after a man started shooting through the walls overnight.
    Police said they went to the Windridge Apartments in the 2300 block of Avenue H at about 7 p.m. Tuesday to check Mark Juvette, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who hadn’t been to work in a few days.
    Officers knocked and then tried to get in with help from management when Juvette didn't answer the door. Police said Juvette then started shooting at the officers through the door.
    Police said Juvette started shooting randomly from inside his apartment. Police said they evacuated the area when he began firing into his neighbors' apartments.
    "You don't see this every day in Grand Prairie," witness Emanuel Valdez-Pino said.
    After several hours, police said they fired tear gas into the apartment. When they went in, they said they found that Juvette had killed himself.
    No one else was injured.

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    Holy crap

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    Sounds like he should have just loaded 1 in the chamber and offed himself instead of almost hurting others.

    I wonder if he was high or just went nutball.
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    The guy was a IEA, who worked for ICE/DRO. His brother is a SA with ICE/OI.

    GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent apparently killed himself after an armed standoff with an officer and three colleagues, Grand Prairie police said Wednesday.

    Police discovered a suitcase full of pornography, a flag bearing a swastika hung in a closet and more than a half dozen weapons after finding Mark Juvette dead early Wednesday. Juvette, 40, was an agent with ICE's Dallas Office of Detention and Removal, which transports detainees, manages them while in custody and deports illegal immigrants.

    ICE officials could not immediately comment on the circumstances of Juvette's death or items confiscated from his apartment.

    A police officer was sent to Juvette's apartment Tuesday night after co-workers expressed concern for his welfare. An ICE official told police Juvette called in sick more than a week ago, saying he had a heart condition. Juvette hadn't been heard from since, according to a Grand Prairie police report.

    The police officer, accompanied by three ICE agents, knocked on the door of Juvette's apartment and said he was checking on his well-being. One of the agents, Juvette's partner, also knocked at the door for about thirty minutes but received no answer, the report said.

    The four then tried to enter the apartment but were unable to get in without a pass key. While they waited for a police sergeant to respond, Juvette began shooting at them through the door. Six of the rounds went through the door of an apartment across the hall but no one was injured, the officer wrote in the report.

    Tactical officers and negotiators were summoned and entered the apartment. They found Juvette dead from a gun shot wound to the head early Wednesday.

    Officers processing the scene said they found a large canvas suitcase full of pornographic magazines in the bedroom and a red flag with a black swastika hung in a closet with a few older style military jackets.

    They recovered a shotgun, semiautomatic rifle, a revolver, two semiautomatic pistols and other weapons from the home, according to a police report.

    Juvette served with the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1988 and then went to work for what was then the Immigration and Naturalization Service as a detention enforcement officer, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said in a statement.

    "ICE management and employees wish to express their deepest sympathies to the family," the statement said.
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