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    Worcester, MA Shooting


    Mar 5, 2008

    Police shoot man in Worcester

    By Scott J. Croteau TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF

    Police shot a man several times early this morning after he allegedly directed a pellet gun in their direction.

    The victim is being treated for his wounds at a city hospital. He is in stable condition, police said.

    The shooting occurred about 2:45 a.m. outside 22 Thorne St. Earlier, police were summoned to the man’s house after his wife reported he was acting irrationally after ingesting a large amount of medication, according to police.

    Officers caught up with the man on Thorne Street and fired at him when he pointed a gun in their direction, police said. According to police, the weapon was a “pellet gun replicating a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.”

    Also found at the scene were knives and an ax, police said.

    Police said they warned the man to drop the weapons before shots were fired.

    Police have not released the identity of the victim or the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

    "Based on statements from witnesses and the officers we believe everything was justified," said Police Chief Gary J. Gemme.

    The shooting occurred in a driveway between houses at 22 Thorne St. and 24 Thorne St.

    At mid-morning, bullet holes could be seen in the side of both addresses.

    Diane Iacovone, who lives across the street from the shooting, said she saw a flash out the window, followed by two loud sounds.

    "I saw him lying there; he was screaming in pain," she said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaohimaunu View Post

    "I saw him lying there; he was screaming in pain," she said.
    Good, pain is a wonderful teacher. Maybe Mr Dumbshit won't do it again.
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