Cemetery Trampled During Tuesday Caucus

Last Edited: Wednesday, 05 Mar 2008, 10:00 PM CST Created: Wednesday, 05 Mar 2008, 9:00 PM CST

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FLOWER MOUND, Texas -- The cemetery next to the Flower Mound Presbyterian Church was a peaceful, well-kept place until Tuesday night. An overflow of voters trying to join the caucus next door ended up leaving muddy tire tracks through the cemetery. One vehicle's tire actually got stuck in a recently filled grave.

Many voters parked on the shoulder of a gravel road winding through the cemetery, right next door to the church where the voting was taking place. One witness says motorists either didn't notice -- or didn't care -- they were parking just a few feet from buried bodies.

To make matters worse, recent rains left the ground soft, and the tires kicked up plenty of mud. Carved angels, flowers, mementos and other decorations on some of the graves were splattered with grit and dirt clods.

Francis Darroca, a Flower Mound resident whose son is buried in the cemetery, was at the church Tuesday night and said the people who were parking there had no respect for the cemetery.

"This is horrific," he said, looking at the fresh tire tracks. "I can't imagine people have total disregard. I know people are better than that."

Families are blaming a lot of people for the mess, starting with the actual motorists themselves.

But the Denton County Democratic Party is getting an earful, too. A spokesman says the party used the church as a polling place in 2006, and only a handful of people showed up for the caucus vote then.