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    Images of Sex Acts with Toddler Discovered on Used Cell Phone


    Police: Child Porn Discovered On Used Cell Phone

    POSTED: 4:07 pm CDT March 15, 2008
    UPDATED: 4:17 pm CDT March 15, 2008

    DALLAS -- Dallas police said they are looking for a man who recorded sex acts with a toddler on a cell phone.

    Investigators said someone bought a used cell phone at Top Dollar Pawn on MLK Boulevard in Dallas Thursday night.

    At home, the buyer discovered a disturbing pornographic video of a 2-year-old child, Dallas police said.

    Sr. Corp. Janice Crowther called the video "totally despicable."

    "A normal, righteous person couldn't imagine something like this," she said.

    Police are trying to identify the phone's original owner.

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    You'd think the seller, or the store would have checked the phone prior to getting rid of it.

    What an asshole. I hope they catch him/her
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmur5074 View Post
    You'd think the seller, or the store would have checked the phone prior to getting rid of it.

    What an asshole. I hope they catch him/her
    now wouldnt it be funny if it was the sellers actual phone?
    hmmmm..... maybe that is why it wasnt checked?

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    That poor baby. I hope they find the child safe, and then find whoever was involved and take the appropriate measures to make sure it can't happen again. .45 sounds like just about the right measurement.
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