Alright, which one of you guys disguised yourselves as a taxi?

Geez, I had no idea that we really have some people in this world that are that stupid as to go and rob someplace and then call a taxi to use as a get away vehicle. I must live a sheltered life.

Robbers nabbed by cops driving getaway taxi

By Frank Pingue Thu Mar 20, 1:35 PM ET

TORONTO (Reuters) - Sometimes it pays to have your own wheels.

Two teenage suspects in a convenience store robbery in Oakville, Ontario, near Toronto, may have made a clean escape had they thought to bring a getaway car along for the heist.

Instead, the men fled the store on foot with an undisclosed amount of money, and then called for a taxi -- which showed up with two police officers inside.

Unfortunately for the would-be robbers, the police had been tipped off about the robbery by the wife of the store's lone employee that night. During a phone call with her husband she had heard a commotion, before the call was cut short.

She phoned the police who asked a local taxi company to alert them of any suspicious calls from the area. When an out-of-breath caller asked for a cab near the store, police met up with the taxi, took over from the driver and headed to the pick-up location.

The two men emerged from a wooded area and said they called for a cab. They were immediately arrested and driven to jail.

"Obviously not having a getaway vehicle or anything like that and calling a cab is generally not a sign of your most sophisticated criminal," Detective Sergeant Kevin Maher of the Halton Regional Police Service told Reuters.
(Editing by Rob Wilson)