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    Jury Deliberating Microwaved Baby Case

    Jury gets case of man who microwaved baby

    By Scott E. Williams
    The Daily News
    Published March 24, 2008

    GALVESTON — The fate of an Arkansas man who admitted burning his infant daughter in a microwave oven is in a jury’s hands.

    Attorneys gave their closing arguments Monday in the case of Joshua Mauldin, who faces a charge that could carry anything from probation to life in prison.

    Police on May 15 charged Mauldin, 20, with injury to a child after he told detective Holly Johnson had become “agitated” while alone in a Seawall Boulevard hotel room with 2-month-old daughter Ana.

    Mauldin told police he threw and hit the baby before putting her first into the room’s safe, then into the refrigerator and, finally, into the microwave oven. The child survived the attack but was badly burned.

    Mauldin, charged with injury to a child, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. That plea required the defense to show Mauldin, more likely than not, was so afflicted he did not know what he was doing was wrong at the time.

    It was a burden of proof that prosecutor Kayla Allen told jurors the defense had failed to meet.

    “Not only do you have no credible evidence of insanity, you have zero evidence of insanity,” Allen argued Monday morning, referring to defense witness Dr. Michael Fuller.

    Fuller, a professor of psychiatry with the University of Texas Medical Branch, testified as a defense witness and said that if Mauldin’s description of his physical symptoms at the time were correct, he could have been suffering from a neurological disorder that left him unable to control his actions.

    However, Fuller, appointed by Judge Susan Criss to examine Mauldin, submitted a report to the court stating that he had found no credible evidence that Mauldin “met the statutory requirements” for insanity.

    Defense attorney Sam Cammack III told jurors that prosecutors had not presented them with every available piece of evidence, saying jurors “got about 25 percent of their case.”

    Cammack argued that considering gaps in the case against his client did not equate to minimizing the girl’s injuries.

    “That little baby did not deserve whatever happened to her in that room,” he said.

    Cammack said that doubts remained as to whether Mauldin really placed the child in the oven, saying it was too small to fit the child.

    However, prosecutor Xochitl Vandiver argued that just two months earlier, infant Ana had fit into something even smaller — her mother’s womb.

    Vandiver also said that Mauldin telling tales of sunburns and scalding water for four days, before admitting to burning her in the oven, kept investigators from immediately knowing what to look for.

    “Our officers and investigators are not psychics, so when the defendant knows what happened and will not say so, what are we to do?” she asked.

    The severity of the charge injury to a child depends on how badly the child victim is hurt. Because of the severity of ANA’s injuries, the charge carries a possible prison term of five to 99 years. But because Mauldin has no prior felony convictions, he would also be eligible for probation if the jury finds him guilty.

    The child lost most of her left ear and had to have skin grafts on her left arm, in addition to second-degree burns on much of that arm and shoulder. She has recovered and is now in foster care with relatives who are sworn to have no contact with Joshua Mauldin or his wife, Eva.
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    This just makes me cry.....

    "I used to care
    but now I take a pill for that"

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    And people wonder why cop's drink after shift. Fuck.
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    He needs to hurry up and get into prison so he can be forcibly ass fucked repeatedly by the biggest dude in that prison.
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    I hope that they let him off. I'd be happy to give him a ride from the courthouse.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    Probation as an option your justice system is as fuck up as ours....
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    may justice be served... in every sense...

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    Jury Reaches Decision - 25 years

    Dad who put baby in oven gets 25-year sentence

    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

    GALVESTON — A jury sentenced Joshua Mauldin to 25 years in prison today for burning his infant daughter in a microwave oven at a Galveston motel last year.

    The four men and eight women jurors, who deliberated about two hours and 30 minutes Tuesday, gave their decision to state District Judge Susan Criss after about four hours of consideration today.

    The jury also fined Mauldin $10,000 and recommended no probation.

    Mauldin remained expressionless when the sentence was read.

    The jury found Mauldin, 20, of Warren, Ark., guilty on Tuesday of injury to a child after after hearing six days of testimony.

    Jurors rejected Mauldin's claim that he was temporarily insane when he put his daughter, Anna Murphy, in a microwave oven for 10 seconds.

    The jury also found that Mauldin used a deadly weapon — the microwave oven — in commission of the crime. The finding means that Mauldin will have to serve at least 50 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

    Testimony indicated that Mauldin was such a good father that he was the primary caregiver for his daughter. Testimony also showed that he had struck his wife at least once, set fire to a school locker at 16 and was discharged from the U.S. Army after being convicted of stealing a computer.

    Mauldin arrived in Galveston shortly after midnight on May 10 to answer a call from God to become a minister. With him were his daughter, his wife, Eva, his mother and his younger brother.

    They had rented an apartment, but decided to spend the night in a motel on Seawall Boulevard because of the late hour.

    Mauldin's mother and brother went for take-out food and his wife left for a few minutes to get toiletries, leaving Mauldin alone with his daughter.

    According to a video recording of his interview with a Galveston police investigator and testimony, a strange feeling came over Mauldin and he suddenly felt an urge to get money so he could go to a topless bar.

    He said he felt a white hot sensation in his stomach and as if his skin were covered with mud that began to crack and let demons escape. Mauldin said he became an observer of his own actions without the ability to control them.

    Mauldin tossed his daughter on the bed, punched her in the groin, placed her in the motel room safe, refrigerator and finally the microwave oven.

    Anna suffered second- and third-degree burns on her left hand and face. Her left ear was amputated and her foster mother testified that she has lost the use of her middle finger and much of the use of her left hand.

    She will have a scar on the left side of her face for life, according to testimony.

    Mauldin initially told authorities that the burns were caused by the sun, then said he had spilled hot water on his daughter while making coffee.

    Because of guilt and pressure from his mother, four days later he told a social worker that the burns were caused by a microwave oven.

    Although testimony indicated Mauldin had been mentally ill since at least 10 and had been taking antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs for years, psychiatrists said they could not say he was legally insane when he placed his daughter in the oven.

    A psychiatrist appointed by the court said he could not rule out that a combination of Mauldin's mental illness, low blood sugar and withdrawal from an antipsychotic drug caused a fit of insanity.

    He was diagnosed as having major depression with psychotic episodes.
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    Time to convert the gas chamber over to a giant microwave, if you ask me.
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