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    Talking Oh boo hoo... A Frightening Incident at Vista Ridge Mall


    When I first saw this in a police web alert, I thought it might be a mugging, robbery or rape or something at our local mall... But Duhhh... Nice job scaring this little crybaby, you brutes.

    A Frightening Incident at Vista Ridge Mall

    by Shaunda W. written to General Growth Properties
    Posted Sun April 13, 2008 12:00 pm
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    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Me and my family and friends, just experienced a frightening incident at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville Tx, a General Growth Properties. My daughter was there for a movie that let out around 11pm. While I was on my way there, she and her friends were told, they had to leave the property in 2 minutes or they would receive a citation. My teen was very scared because she's never experience anything like this before. She and her friends had to literally run from the movie to the Exxon on Macarthur/3040.

    I was about 15 minutes away and had to speed to get there because, I could hear the horror in her voice of being in trouble with the police. She's never had this type of treatment ever.

    It's very discouraging to go some place and spend money and then be told to get off the property, ASAP or receive a citation. I'm not sure what the procedure is for people leaving the movies but, I would like to hear from someone. We spent a lot of time and money going to Vista Ridge Mall on a weekly basis. I'd rather go to spend my money somewhere else then to have my teen, treated this way and she's done nothing but wait for her parent to pick her up.

    Give parents time to pick up the children prior to you kicking them off the property after they have spent their parents money at your mall and train your employees to treat people they way, they would like their family members to be treated. Your Vision Statement says, "It's the Experience that keeps your shoppers coming back. If the "Experience my daughter had tonight happens to other families, they will not comeback.. You may also want to go over the CORE Philosophy again with your employees.


    My guess, Shaunda, is that your little crybaby and her friends were run off for disturbing other customers or violating the curfew, you think?

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    Quit leaving your children unattended all day at the mall and they won't call the police complaining about all the loiterers.
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