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    Baby Geese Killed

    Baby Geese Killed-Reservoir

    Posted: April 28, 2008 04:07 PM CDT
    A former State Senator, has been charged with killing geese out of season, at his home at the Barnett Reservoir in Rankin County.
    Mike Gunn was charged by the State Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, after they got complaints from witnesses who said they saw Gunn kill at least six baby geese in his back yard.
    One of those witnesses was Chief Carol Boland of the Flora Police Department, who lives at the Reservoir. She said her attention was attracted to her neighbor, across a canal, when she saw adult geese attacking Gun as he was disposing of their offspring.
    In her words, "he was in this field scooping up their goslings, and putting them in his grill. And then, after a little while he goes and gets a trash can, and he comes out and he takes the goslings from the grill, and puts them in the trash can."
    Jim Walker, spokesman for the the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, said "Mr. Gunn is charged with six counts of killing geese, out of season."
    Walker said that could be either a state or federal offense.
    Walker added, "once all the facts and circumstances are known, there is a high probability that there could be some other charges pending." In Walker's "no one is above the law."
    The huge population of geese out there is a problem, crapping all over people's patios and such but I can't see killing the goslings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidp24 View Post
    The huge population of geese out there is a problem, crapping all over people's patios and such but I can't see killing the goslings.
    Especially not grilling them alive!
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    What a prick!
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    There are far more humane ways of dispatching a nuisance animal, for one.

    Second, before you can even dispatch nuisance animals you have to establish you tried other means first. Noise, etc.

    Seattle went through a goose kill after trying everything else first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    Especially not grilling them alive!

    You can add birth control chemicals/meds to food source to stop the population increase like some major cities have done to reduce the pigeon populations.

    Dont get me started on some of the #%**#@ mentalities 'round here...heck...LA took years to decide if a foul AKA chicken was an animal or not before banning cock fighting

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    I hope Mommy and Daddy goose make his life a living hell.
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