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Thread: What a joke!!

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    What a joke!!

    A local gas station employee is out of a job after he thought he was helping save someone’s life.

    Mark Beverly was one of two employees inside a Roseville Super America when a robber came into the store on March 26.
    Beverly was cleaning the bathroom when he heard the store clerk cry out. He came out to find a robber attacking the female employee.

    "I just jumped on his back and trying to hit his head and pushed him over the counter. I jumped back over and he was out of there," he said.
    Later that day, Beverly returned to work only to be punished for his actions.

    "I didn't think I was going to get fired for it," he told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.
    Super America issued a statement, saying that ‘employees are never to take actins that could endanger themselves or others. It’s regrettable this happened.’

    Beverly was given a robbery prevention packet, but he says he got it after the attempted robbery.
    "I didn't care about the money, I know Super America is insured. But I thought he was attacking her, that's why I jumped on him," he explained.

    The Roseville Police Department says they have no made any arrests regarding the robbery. Beverly has been denied employment with Super American. He is in the process of an appeal.

    No one has greater love than this, to lay down ones life for ones friends - John 15:13

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    The dumb shits (employers) they (employees) were already in danger and he was preventing further injury.

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    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

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