It should be walking eagle meaning bird too full of shit to fly.

Meet “Barack Black Eagle”

by Bonney Kapp
Barack Obama visited Crow Agency in Montana today, home of the Crow Nation tribe, where he was warmly received by several thousand Native Americans from across the region. The Democratic frontrunner was even adopted by the tribe and given a Native American name - Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshsish, which translates to “One who helps people throughout the land.”
Along with the honor, Obama received honorary parents, Sonny and Mary Black Eagle, who escorted Obama to the stage. While he chose not to pronounce his given name, he did note his parents’ surname. “I like my new name Barack Black Eagle. I mean that’s a good name,” he said. The tribe adopts dignitaries who have visited the reservation, including the state’s governor and U.S. Senator Jon Tester
Obama called the quick 12-minute speech one of the most important of his campaign and promised to appoint an American Indian policy advisor, host an annual summit on Native American issues, end a century of mistrust between the government and Native Americans, and honor treaties.”I understand the tragic history between the United States and tribal nations. Our government has not always been honest or truthful in our dealings and that’s history that we have to acknowledge if we are going to move forward in a fair and honest way,” he said.
The candidate also identified with the Native Americans. “I know what it’s like to not always have been respected or to have been ignored and I know what it’s like to struggle and that’s how I think many of you understand what’s happened here on the reservation, that that a lot of times you have been forgotten just like African-Americans have been forgotten or other groups in this country have been forgotten and because I have that experience. I want you to know that I will never forget you,” he confided.
“We will never be able to undo the wrongs that were committed against Native Americans, but what we can do is make sure that we have a president who’s committed to doing what’s right with Native Americans, being a full partners, respecting, honoring, working with you. That’s the commitment that I’m making to you and since now I’m a member of the family, you know that I won’t break my commitment,” he said as the crowd cheered.