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    2 animal abusing kids

    I'm not psychologist, but I believe these kids may be going down the road to becoming future psychopaths.

    Two high school seniors are getting a real-life lesson in the law.

    John Miller and Dane Rockstead go to Wayzata High School and both are charged with animal cruelty after investigators said they abused a goose and brought it to school.
    "The bird appeared to be in pretty significant distress," said Chief Mike Goldstein with the Plymouth Police Department.
    Police said the two seniors had the bird for two days before they brought it to school in a backpack.

    "They actually shot it with a paint ball gun, put a net around it and then I believe put it in a kennel ... and they kept it overnight, and at some point brought it into the school," said Goldstein.
    Investigators said the boys then tortured the goose even more. At some point they encircled the body with duct tape which I think caused the bird a lot of distress.

    "It was dehydrated, it was in distress, they have to wait for all the feathers to fall off, and they have to clip many of them off because the duct tape did so much damage," said the Chief.
    Students who witnessed the prank were shaken up and didn't think it was funny.

    "A lot of people were talking about it. They just didn't agree with it all -- they thought it was really bad, and it just doesn't look good," said Senior Jennifer Wick.
    The school district said it disciplined the students.
    The two teenagers could be fined $1,000 and serve up to 90 days in jail.

    Experts said when birds are stressed like this, they often die, so they think this goose is pretty tough.
    The rehab center plans to release it back into the wild Wednesday.

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    Stupid kids, they need to get the same treatment they gave the goose.

    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

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    I absolutely hate people who absuse defenseless children and animals. I just can't understand how anyone could be that cruel.

    Sick bastards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katey View Post
    I absolutely hate people who absuse defenseless children and animals. I just can't understand how anyone could be that cruel.

    Sick bastards.
    Agreed. People who abuse kids and animals are the lowest form of life, and really don't deserve to take up my air.


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    I was at a funeral recently for a friend's high school kid who committed suicide a few months ago. During the funeral, his friends spoke, telling stories about the stuff they did with him...

    One of the stories was about a fish that they caught, and threw against the concrete. They all thought it was SO FUNNY that the poor fish was flapping and writhing on the concrete, then floated upside down after they threw it in the water. The kid telling the story almost couldn't finish because he was laughing so hard. You could cut the silence in the church with a knife after he finished.

    I know it's just a fish, but I swear, I had to restrain myself from getting up in the middle of the funeral and shouting down the little snot nose delinquent. This just happened to remind me of that.

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    To enjoy the suffering of a living being is an indicator of something being seriously wrong in the psychological makeup. I might not like flies, but if I swat one I make sure it's dead, not just maimed. The little shits need jail time for this.
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    Animal abuse is often times an indicator of other mental issues. Put them in front of a counselor have them evaluated and then slam their fingers shut in a drawer. Several times.
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    I do believe a Domestic Violence arrest is in their cards for the future.
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    It sickens and saddens me when I hear of a defenseless child or animal being abused. How a human can get pleasure in the pain and suffering of such is beyond me.

    My dad, I miss him every day.

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    Oh to have 10 minutes in a room with those boys. Nothing gets me more upset then people who hurt kids or animals.

    Sad fact is nothing will probably happen to them...happens all the time.
    Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way" ~Martin Luther King, Jr

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    Luke Woodham, the shooter from the Pearl HS shooting here, beat, burned and killed his dog right before the shooting. He described the expierience as "true beauty" in his journal.

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    It's just sick the things that some people do and consider it to be fun. I can't watch the shows on TV about animal abuse cases or even watch commercials about them. It just makes me sad to think about and wonder how anyone could hurt them in those ways.
    Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.
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