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    Child Molester Arrested After Knocking On Officer's Door

    Makes you want to start answering the door with a gun in your hand. Kudos to the Officers involved. They went that extra step and probably saved the lives of countless children. No Punishment in Hell is evil enough for this scumbag:

    COWETA COUNTY, Ga. -- Coweta County officials have charged a suspected child molester they say went door to door in search of young victims. But when Eugene Murphy, 20, knocked on the door of an officer who investigates sex crimes, she made sure authorities knew what he was up to.

    Authorities said Murphy had an intense desire to harm children. Murphy was knocking on doors wearing running shorts, a tank top and no shoes, according to officials. An off-duty officer told police she knew something wasn’t right and jumped into action.

    Neighbors told Channel 2 they are angry after hearing Coweta County investigators say Murphy brazenly went door to door in search of a child to harm.

    A homeowner said she thinks Murphy saw the basketball goal in her yard and came to her door and asked if any kids were home. She said Murphy told her his uncle was having a party and he was looking for children to invite. It was the suspect’s unlucky day because the homeowner happened to be an Atlanta police officer who investigates sex crimes and she thought his behavior was suspicious. She followed Murphy and called deputies.

    “At that time the suspect made statements that were alarming to the deputies about his intent and why he was looking for these children,” said Lt. John Lewis with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

    Murphy was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to entice a child for indecent purposes. After further investigation, authorities said they found another victim and Murphy was charged with kidnapping and attempted child molestation.

    Investigators said they continue to talk to potential victims. Murphy had a court appearance and was denied bond.
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    Break his kneecaps, break his elbows, and smash out all his teeth, then leave him in the general prison population with a "CHILD MOLESTER" sign on his back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    Break his kneecaps, break his elbows, and smash out all his teeth, then leave him in the general prison population with a "CHILD MOLESTER" sign on his back.
    I bet they will make good use of his now toothless mouth...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    Break his kneecaps, break his elbows, and smash out all his teeth, then leave him in the general prison population with a "CHILD MOLESTER" sign tatoo on his back.
    I know some wouldn't waste the ink but I want something more permanent. So he can get his punishment over and over again for as long as he exists, which hopefully will be short.

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    EXCELLENT job done by the Officer involved. Way to go the extra mile!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    Makes you want to start answering the door with a gun in your hand.

    Doesn't everybody do that?

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    I don't see the point in 'punishing' someone like this. You aren't going to rehabilitate them...you aren't going to fix them...they will never be normal. Same as with serial killers, there's something wrong with them at the core level you'll never be able to change. Just put them down like the sick animals they are and be done with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclean View Post

    Doesn't everybody do that?

    Glad I'm not alone!

    Great job to the officer involved.
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    Wow, great job!

    I don't think most people would have thought to have him checked out, they would probably have assumed it was a legitimate neighborhood party.

    I don't usually answer the door with a gun in my hand, but always with it in my pants if I have any on (recalling that one time a few years ago when my neighbor rang my doorbell at 2am to tell me that my dome light was on - my concealment options were very limited)

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