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    Day Care Worker Arrested For Allegedly Raping a Four Year Old Boy

    (New York-WABC, March 1, 2006) - A 37-year-old day care worker was arrested for allegedly raping and sexually abusing a four-year-old boy, police say.
    Eyewitness News Reporter Jeff Pegues is in South Ozone Park with details.
    Sources tell us in what amounts to a bizarre confession that the suspect is actually accusing the four-year-old boy of seducing her. But police are not buying that explanation as they investigate several instances of rape and sexual abuse inside the day care center over a six-week period. Detectives led the suspect away to central booking in handcuffs. She's facing 25 years behind bars if she's found guilty.

    She did not respond when asked if she had anything to say about the charges. The 37-year-old is accused of the rape and sexual abuse of a little boy at this day care facility, where today, parents appeared blindsided by the charges.
    Some have known the suspect -- a teacher's aide -- for four years.
    "She's a very nice lady..very nice lady," a parent said.
    But if the charges are true, Khenwatie Bedessie is a monster who preyed on a little boy in her care.
    According to police, in the early morning hours and during the children's naptime at the facility, she would allegedly separate the four-year-old from the other children, and take him into a bathroom where police say she would sexually abuse him. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown: "The child I fear will never recover from the emotional trauma that was allegedly inflicted upon him."

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    Wow!! I cannot believe that she is facing only 25 years behind bars!!!

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    ARGH, that is the reason I won't let my children in the day-care centers. I don't trust them except my next door-neighbor whom I know for years. Her home includes the happiness because all of her children grew up happy and loving. Not the child-care or day-care centers...no thanks.



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